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Cellu-Sonic Sculpt

Are you embarrassed about lumps and dimples?  If so, you’re one of over 80% of American women.  


With Sculpt Away’s Cellu-Sonic Sculpt, you can feel confident and comfortable again.   


Cellu-Sonic Sculpt’s innovative two-prong technology utilizes both acoustic waves and percussion to break up and smooth out the lumpy, dimply appearance of cellulite by treating ALL causes of cellulite, i.e. fat, excess fluids & toxins, damaged connective tissue, and damaged skin cells.


These two technologies work together 

(1) to loosen the fibrous bands that ‘pull down’ (causing the dimpling appearance); and

(2) to break down the cellulite-encapsulated fat deposits.  

And (3) the treatment enhances lymphatic drainage allowing the body to efficiently  eliminate excess fluids and toxins; 

(4) while stimulating production of healthy skin cells .      

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