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Look good… Feel good… look younger… love your skin… smile when you look in the mirror!

At Sculpt Away, we help you, regardless of age, to achieve noticeable, natural, long-lasting results without surgery or downtime!

Chemical Peel - Sculpt Away

Chemical Peels

Get ready to glow! But don’t let the word “peel” scare you. Peels are formulated in a variety of strengths and for a variety of skin concerns. There are peels that leave you glowing for a party and there are peels that are more corrective in nature (and everything in between). But no matter the …

Facial Treatment - Sculpt Away


Signature Ultrasonic Facial Sculpt Away’s Signature Ultrasonic Facial incorporates microcurrent + ultrasonic technology, tightens, lifts, tones and hydrates your skin instantly, promotes collagen production   Sculpt Away facials are corrective procedures and not designed only for pampering. We treat the face and those parts of the neck affected by skin disorders including acne, razor bumps, …

LED Light Therapy - Sculpt Away


Want to treat multiple problems with one single treatment? Perhaps the most versatile and useful medical treatment available, LED heals any type of damaged cells with the healing energy of infrared and red light waves. The results are amazing! What can LED treat? Scars, stretchmarks, sun damage, melasma, loose skin, cellulite and more! There is …

Microdermabrasion Therapy - Sculpt Away


Want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or lighten brown spots or maybe treat acne? Microdermabrasion exfoliates damaged and dead skin cells, improves skin texture and evens skin tone, without pain or discomfort. Microdermabrasion is also a perfect prelude to a chemical peel or LED treatment or both!   Pre & Post Instructions for Facial, …

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