Want to treat multiple problems with one single treatment? Perhaps the most versatile and useful medical treatment available, LED heals any type of damaged cells with the healing energy of infrared and red light waves. The results are amazing! What can LED treat? Scars, stretch marks, sun damage, melasma, loose skin, cellulite, and more! There is absolutely no downtime and it is completely painless. LED can be coupled with many other treatments such as Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Micro-Needling, and IPL. And you cannot overdo LED. Because of its’ therapeutic nature, more is truly more!

What does the LED (low level laser) do?

This treatment reduces and reverses the effect of aging and other damage to skin and body tissues. It works by stimulating the rejuvenation of these tissues at the cellular level, resulting in a significant and totally natural looking improvement.

Is there clinical evidence that LED treatments work & is it FDA approved?

The effectiveness of using light energy to stimulate rejuvenation in damaged tissues has been documented in more than 2500 research papers based upon clinical studies. NASA used LED technology to prevent muscle and bone loss in astronauts. Our LED is approved by the FDA for improvement to the entire body.

How does LED (low level laser) work?

The low level laser (LED) works by a process called photobiostimulation (the stimulation of cells with light) – like photosynthesis with plants. The light energy from the visible red light and the invisible infrared light stimulates your body at the cellular level to heal itself. The energy produced by the LED provides energy to your cells to:

  • Increase the amount and the speed of the production of collagen and elastin
  • Allow the cells to increase their nutrient intake
  • Allow the cells to rid themselves of excess fluids and waste, such as excess pigmentation, scar tissue, etc
  • Increase efficiency of lymphatic drainage & vasularization

What will LED (low level laser) do for my face and neck?

It reduces the fine lines and wrinkles. The treatments will lift, tone, and restore a more youthful appearance. The LED can reduce the appearance of scars, sun damage, sunspots, and pregnancy mask (melisma). In addition to a stand alone treatment, we recommend the use of LED to enhance other treatments such as microdermabrasion, facials, chemical peels, etc.

What will the LED (low level aser) do for the other areas of my body?

The treatments can minimize the appearance of stretch marks (in size, texture & color), reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten the flaccid skin on the breast, abdomen, and thighs.

How many treatments will I need and when will I start to see results?

Everyone is different and every issue is unique. In general, we recommend a series of 10 treatments @ 2 times per week (over 5 weeks). You may require more or you may require fewer. It takes 14-21 days for the cells to complete the cycle of rejuvenation, so you continue to see improvement for 2-3 weeks after each individual treatment. The effects are cumulative, so each improvement builds on the previous improvement. Most people see noticeable changes in 6-8 treatments but see improvements after just a couple of treatments.

CelluLight, LipoLight, LED Pre & Post Care Instructions

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