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If extractions are done, wait 24 hours before applying acne and other active products, scrubs, astringents, lighteners, AHA/BHA, retinol and/or other vitamin-A products.

Facials could cause temporary redness and/ or purging of the pores. You should let your Sculpt Away providers know if you are pregnant; have asthma, and/or sensitive areas.

Facial Treatment Includes:

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Mild Exfoliation
  • May or May not include steam
  • Massage of face and neck
  • Moisturizer and SPF
People Also Ask

A Signature Facial is a facial treatment that is specifically curated by the esthetician to address your specific skin needs.

The esthetician determines your skin needs through a skin analysis that is conducted at the beginning of your appointment.

A signature facial typically lasts between 45-60 minutes

The most common side effects are blotchy, red skin. This typically lasts 1-2 days, and is a part of the skin’s healing process.

There are many benefits to a Signature Facial including addressing your specific skin needs, whether those needs be hydration, exfoliation, dermaplaning, extractions, or firming treatments and facials.

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