The Most Innovating Products in the Body Shaping Industry.

Fat Burning And Weight Loss Nutritional Supplements

Intense Fat Burner™

Formulated by body shaping professionals for fast fat burning and weight loss.  A proprietary blend of natural compounds specifically designed to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Promotes preferential loss of fat mass, detoxifies, provides you with increased energy, a better mood and encourages lipolysis (release of fat from fat cells).

Slender Sleep™

Sleep away the pounds.  Provides the dual benefits of a deep, restful sleep while promoting increased fat burning during your sleep. Packed with six powerful fat-burners and a natural sleep inducer, Slender Sleep helps you lose weight effortlessly.

Green Tea Concentrate™

3-in-1 powerful body slimming action.  Stimulates fat burning, increases metabolism and assists your body with detoxifying. Concentrated with powerful body slimming catechins, Green Tea Concentrate contains the equivalent of drinking 5 – 10 cups of green tea each day. Also contains 15 mg of caffeine, high enough to assist in increasing metabolism but low enough to prevent jitteriness.

Blocker Buddy™

Now you can cheat and still lose weight!  Taking this tablet helps to prevent fat gain even when you eat hamburgers, fries and cake.  How? Two key natural ingredients block the absorption of fat and sugar from the foods you eat.  You’ll feel energized too because it also contains ingredients that give you a super powered boost of energy.

Cleanse Away™

Eliminate bloating, flatten your belly, kickstart weight loss and burn fat easier.  Seem like you can’t lose weight no matter what?   You may need the benefits of detox.  These clinically studied and proven ingredients boost your metabolism, regulate your appetite, cleanse and protect your liver, and eliminate excess fluids.  Packed with natural ingredients to support healthy digestion, this powerful, yet gentle product cleanses the digestive tract resulting a slimmer appearance.

Topical Inch Loss, Cellulite Reducing And Stretch Mark Minimizing Agents

Cellu C Cup™

Breaks down and eliminates superficial fat deposits, smooths the appearance of cellulite and accelerates inch loss.  Designed by body shaping professionals with body slimming in mind, this must-have tool is formulated with the highest grade silicon.  Engineered with the perfect size to grip, squeeze and glide for superior suction, control and comfort – and maximum improvement.  An easy to use home treatment, complete with detailed easy-to-follow instructions.

Lipo-Sculpt Slimming Gel™

Get a slimmer, firmer, more sculpted body with this topical agent.  Formulated by body shaping professionals with potent and highly effective ingredients that have been shown to reduce size, burn and eliminate fat, increase collagen leading to skin tightening and to boost detoxification.  Target your problem areas to contour the curves you want.  A gel so effective you can feel the powerful ingredients turning on the fat burning and collagen building action just moments after you apply.

Cellu-Sculpt firm + repair™

A powerful firming and toning cream scientifically designed by body shaping professionals to correct cellulite, stretch marks and crepey skin and to tighten loose skin.  Formulated with clinically proven natural active ingredients, this breakthrough product has the ability to penetrate multiple cell layers to provide your body with multiple benefits.  To reverse crepiness and stretch marks and to tighten skin, gentle exfoliators provide smoother texture, while vitamins and phytonutrients strengthen skin.  To reduce cellulite and superficial fat deposits, multiple fat burners destroy fat and flush away fat and waste material.  Organic compounds super hydrate for youthful suppleness, while antioxidants protect from further damage. A gel so effective you can feel the powerful ingredients turning on the fat burning and collagen building action just moments after you apply.

Age Defying And Beauty Products


Reverse the signs of the aging neck and decollete in as little as 4 weeks.  Specifically formulated by body shaping professionals to tone, tighten, smooth, brighten and rid your neck of a sagging jawline and sagging, crepey skin and to reduce visible lines, wrinkles and creases in your decolletage.  No woman over 40 can afford to do without.

Pure Hydration™

Discover an anti-aging elixir specifically designed to make your skin supple, smooth and wrinkle free.  Scientifically formulated with (1) four different types of hyaluronic acid for powerful long-lasting hydration and for a more youthful, radiant looking appearance and (2) a proprietary trans-epidermal carrier and a youth-building peptide complex to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  A must-have potent weapon in defeating the signs of aging.