Our Detox Body Wrap in San Antonio will assist your lymphatic system to flush toxins, waste and excess fluids from your body. For your Detox Body treatment slimming cream will be applied to absorb and work internally by detoxifying and rejuvenating your body leading to a lymphatic detox.

Our Sculpt Away treatment specialists will massage any remaining slimming cream into your skin after we remove your wrap. Avoid bathing for at least 6 hours after your wrap for maximum benefit. Drink a lot of water after your wrap to assist your body’s lymphatic system eliminate wastes, toxins and fluids.

A Detox Body Wrap in San Antonio is recommended to pair with our Sculpsure, Emsculpt, and Cavitation Therapy to help achieve maximum body contouring results. We also recommend this wrap as a stand-alone treatment for those looking for natural detoxification.


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That high school reunion is just around the corner or maybe you bought the most beautiful body baring gown for the gala or perhaps it’s time for your military tape test. We have all been there. Feeling like we’ve just about run out of time. How are you going to look your best or measure your smallest? When that happens again, the Slimming Body Wrap in San Antonio may be the best answer.

The Slimming Body Wrap creates immediate inch loss by temporarily flushing water weight. The Sculpt Away slimming lotion is the secret. The ingredients act instantly in zapping the fluid from the tissue. The result is an instant, but temporary, shrinking in both inches and pounds.

For maximum results, combine your Slimming Body Wrap with an infrared sauna in San Antonio.

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People Also Ask

Body Wraps are applied using a topical agent such as niacin, caffeine, seaweed, and other agents. The agent is then being wrapped in plastic wrap.

The Slimming Wrap is designed to contour your body, boost your metabolism, firm, and tone the skin, and produce inch loss. The Detox Wrap is meant to enhance detoxification, boost the lymphatic system, and also produce inch loss

The total time for a Body Wrap is approximately 50 minutes.

Avoid shaving or applying lotion on the day of your appointment, to allow maximum absorption for the slimming cream. Drink plenty of water, and please notify us if you have any allergies to Niacin. Do not use Vitamin B or Niacin-containing products at least two days prior to your wrap.

Delay bathing as long as practical to allow maximum absorption of the slimming topical. Drink a lot of water after your treatment. To enhance your results, we recommend the Sculpt Away lipo slimming gel followed by the Sculpt Away firm + repair every morning and night. This will help improve the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks.

No! Our Body Wraps are completely painless, non-invasive, and require absolutely no downtime.

Body Wrap results are not permanent, however they are great for special events, summer time, and any other times you want the extra slimming boost.

The benefits of our Body Wraps include inch loss, refreshed and exfoliated skin, increased circulation, promotes detoxification, and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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