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I started going to Sculpt Away to see Melissa. She helped me achieve my sculpting goals. I wasn’t convinced during the initial sessions but when I started to see the results, I was so thankful I started my journey here! The staff is truly nonjudgmental and very helpful. I truly recommend Melissa to anyone that wants a genuine person who cares about your goals as much as you do!”

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“I would highly recommend Sculpt Away! The people working there are all so nice and helpful! It’s refreshing to come across people that are excited and passionate about what they do. They truly care. The office is beautiful and clean. I’ve had two of the slimming body wraps and sauna sessions and have noticed that my skin is tighter and there is less cellulite. I also feel like I have more energy afterwards. The cream they use smells amazing too! The whole experience was fantastic. If you’re wanting to treat yourself or a loved one, this is a great place with many options to choose from.”

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“Very friendly and professional. Six weeks after my SculpSure treatment, I’m very impressed with the results! Melisa explained everything thoroughly and was always available for questions. Highly recommend it!”

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“I did the body sculpting of my abs and flanks. It was an experience like no other. The techs were super friendly and explained everything before and during the treatment. They were very thorough and made sure I was comfortable. The treatment itself was good for the most part. There were times where it was uncomfortable but the tech helped me through it.

During the 6 weeks I followed the suggestions to help give me the best outcome. I will say it’s very important to follow what the techs say. I lost 7 inches overall and am very pleased with the results. Plus, changing my eating, working out more, and drinking the required amount of water helped me become more disciplined.”

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“Sculpt Away is the TRUTH. The price is definitely reasonable, there is no downtime & more importantly NO SURGERY!! I am so pleased with my results & will only have this 1 treatment. You should always incorporate some sort of exercise to improve your results, though I did not & I am extremely happy. I would definitely recommend Sculpt Away to anyone who is looking to upgrade their body!!!”

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“What I love the most is their honesty with the clients expectations and that they do not try to upsell anything that the client won’t benefit from. Their noninvasive procedures are top notch, and the membership benefits are excellent. I used the sculpsure around my waist and abdomen, and lost an overall total of 9 inches. I also used the emsculpt and currently have an emsculpt maintenance membership. The emsculpt treatments helped me strengthen my core muscles, making it easier to exercise. Sculpt Away is now my preferred med-spa and I recommend it to anyone searching for a great team that will treat you like family.”

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