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Hey , Looking to recover from extensive training? Or Looking to heal from an Injury.  In that case you should try a Compression therapy session here at Sculpt Away.  While you relax in our comfortable environment. You can enjoy a fresh drink and some television. The reason why we onboarded this type of treatment is to assist our patients to feel better longer.  To book a session or want to learn more then  just give is a call at 210-227-3051.

Who Benefits  Compression Therapy?

This therapy has shown some incredible results with athletes who are training for their sport and individuals who work physically demanding jobs, or individuals who are primarily standing or sitting during their job.

The treatment was even proven to positively affect people just looking for relief from discomforting symptoms associated with various conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

How Can  Help Prevent Injuries?

The therapy is not only used for recovery. The therapy has been applied in the prevention of injuries as well!

Athletes who participate in tennis, running, and basketball will benefit from regular  treatments because they help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness or cramps post-activity.

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Other wellness services that we offer as add-ons to your appointment are LED Light Therapy and B-12 Shots. These take no additional time, and are administered during your Compression Therapy session.

At Sculpt Away we have a Wellness Wednesday that includes $25 Compression Therapy sessions. Walk-in appointments are always accepted.

Our wellness patients also love to add-on B-12 shots to their compression appointments. Contact us for more information or to book your Compression Therapy appointment or visit Sculpt Away today! We also accept walk-in appointments for Compression Therapy.

People Also Ask

Compression Therapy is used to aid in circulation and help you maintain your full range of motion as you get older.

Some benefits of Compression Therapy include faster recover post-workout, improved circulation, pain relief, reduced muscle soreness and less swelling.

Compression Therapy is a completely non-invasive treatment and should not be painful.

Some possible side effects include skin irritation or minor foot swelling.

At Sculpt Away, 1 session is $25 or we offer 4 sessions for $85.

Our Compression Therapy specifically targets the legs.

Each session lasts between 30-45 minutes.

We advise you to speak to your doctor first. You should consider avoiding compression therapy if you have conditions like peripheral arterial disease, open sores, or lack of sensation in the legs.

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