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Cellu-Light Sculpt ™

Tired of cellulite interfering with your choice of outfits or swim wear?


It’s a myth that fat alone causes cellulite. Fat does contribute to cellulite but you must know that cellulite has multiple causes.


1. Fat

2. Excess fluids & toxins

3. Damaged connective tissue

4. Damaged skin cells


All 4 of these causes must be addressed to improve cellulite.


Good News! You can Sculpt Away cellulite with Cellu-Light Sculpt™.


To diminish the dimples, lumps and fat deposits, our Cellu-Light Sculpt™ starts with a targeted Vacuum Therapy™ session. The Vacuum Therapy™ treatment breaks down the fat, assists in eliminating the fat and firms and tones the skin. The negative pressure + cupping effect of Vacuum Therapy™ leaves your body feeling immediately firmer and smoother.


The second portion of your Cellu-Light Sculpt™ treatment employs a LED (low level laser). The low level laser provides the energy your damaged cells need to heal and reverse the damage. This healing results in fewer and smaller fat deposits, less fluids & toxins and rejuvenated, smoother, firmer skin cells.


An application of Lipo-Sculpt Slimming Gel™ followed by Cellu-Sculpt firm + repair crème™, provides further breakdown of fat and powerful firming and toning. Both products penetrate multiple cell layers to provide intense fat eliminating action, cell nourishment and intense hydration. We recommend continued use at home!


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