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Lipo-Slimming ™ Body Wrap

Non-Surgical Fat Removal with Lipo Slimming Body Wrap in San Antonio

That high school reunion is just around the corner or maybe you bought the most beautiful body baring gown for the gala or perhaps it’s time for your military tape test again. We have all been there. Feeling like we’ve just about run out of time. How are you going to look your best or measure your smallest? When that happens again, the lipo-slimming™ body wrap may be the best answer.

The lipo-slimming™ body wrap creates immediate inch loss by temporarily flushing water weight. The lipo-slimming™ lotion is the secret. The ingredients act instantly in zapping the fluid from the tissue. The result is an instant, but temporary, shrinking in both inches and pounds.

For supercharged results, combine your lipo-slimming™ body wrap with an infrared sauna.

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