Vacuum Therapy

Tired of the dimples, lumps, and excess fat deposits? It’s time to turn to Sculpt Away’s Vacuum Therapy Body Contouring.

Vacuum Therapy eliminates fat + smooths and firms the skin. The treatment combines the ancient art of cupping with negative pressure to assist in eliminating fat, waste, toxins, and excess fluids from your body.

Vacuum Therapy is great as a stand-alone treatment for cellulite and for reducing small deposits of fat. The treatment leaves your skin immediately smoother and firmer.

Vacuum Sculpting is the number one body contouring accelerator for those in the know. It’s the perfect treatment to accelerate and optimize your body sculpting results after treatments such as Sculpsure®, Lipo RF™, or Smoothshapes®.

When you’re looking for a power-packed fat-blasting and skin-smoothing treatment, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away.

Know more about Sculpt Away’s trusted vacuum sculpting body treatments in San Antonio.

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