Sculpt Away firm + repair™: The Ultimate Way for Busy People to Treat Loose Skin, Crepey Skin and Cellulite

Cellulite, Loose Skin or Crepey Skin.  Do you suffer from one (or more) of these issues? We have the solution, Sculpt Away firm + repair™, a powerful firming and toning lotion designed specifically to tone, smooth, contour and firm.  To understand how firm + repair™ works, it’s helpful to understand the basics of loose skin, crepey skin and cellulite.

Loose Skin and/or Crepey Skin

Why does our skin stop bouncing back like it used to?  Why do our thighs and arms turn crepey, wrinkly and saggy in our 40’s and beyond?  You may not want to hear it but your lifestyle could have a played a role.  If you’ve yo-yo dieted, not focused on nutrition, lived the sun bunny lifestyle or don’t drink enough water, your lifestyle accelerated the normal aging process to your body’s skin.

The Science Behind Loose Skin and Crepey Skin

As we age (as early as our 30’s),

  1. Our bodies produce collagen and elastin at a much slower pace. Since collagen and elastin allow the skin to bounce back, we may notice our skin doesn’t bounce back like it did a decade earlier.  Each decade decreases the ‘bounce;’
  2. Our bodies decrease the production of hyaluronic acid (which attracts moisture) as we advance in age. With dwindling stores of hyaluronic acid, our skin cannot hold adequate moisture and we lose the “plumpness” of our skin from younger days; and
  3. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner while at the same time we lose some of the superficial fat underneath our skin.

These 3 changes lead to loose, saggy, wrinkly and crinkly skin.


Current statistics show at least 80% (some experts report 95%) of women have cellulite.  We’ve all heard about cellulite and talked about cellulite.  But what do we really know about cellulite?

The Science Behind Cellulite   

Cellulite occurs when 3 things break down in our body.

  1. When our skin becomes damaged (i.e. aging process, sun exposure, etc.), we lose the elasticity and ‘bounce;’
  2. We have a honey combe-shaped mesh of fibrous bands connecting our skin to our muscle. When these fibrous bands become hard and rigid, they pull the skin and create the dimple appearance of cellulite;and
  3. We all have some fat located under our skin. This fat does not lie smoothly; it lies clumped in multiple sections of fat ‘balls.’  The damaged skin and hardened fibrous bands lead to fluid retention.  These fat cells absorb fluids and increase in size by swelling.

Sculpt Away firm + repair

Sculpt Away firm + repair™ addresses each and every cause of cellulite, loose skin and crepey skin.  Developed with natural, organic and active ingredients, this formulation can penetrate multiple cell layers to allow healthy cells to emerge.  The active ingredients in firm + repair assist the body by

  1. eliminating excess fluids causing the fat cells to swell (cellulite);
  2. hydrating and strengthening the skin thereby promoting new collagen and elastin (loose skin, crepey skin and cellulite);
  3. breaking down and flushing fats from the body (cellulite); and
  4. healing and nourishing the skin giving the body what it needs to make new skin cells (loose skin, crepey skin and cellulite).

Sculpt Away firm + repair™ contains two powerful ingredients to reduce the excess fluids:  caffeine and grapefruit peel oil.  Caffeine immediately tightens the skin and acts as a localized diuretic.  Grapefruit peel oil stimulates the lymphatic system, creating a longer-lasting diuretic effect.

  1. HYDRATE and STRENGTHEN SKIN (Loose Skin, Cellulite, Crepey Skin)

Active ingredients in Sculpt Away firm + repair™ that hydrate and strengthen skin include Allantoin, Centella Asiatica, Glycerin and Capryllic/Capric Triglycerides.  These agents lead to regeneration of new cells, improved elasticity and smoothness.  Brings back some ‘bounce’ to the skin.

  1. BREAK DOWN and FLUSH FAT (Cellulite)

Superficial fat lying just below the skin’s surface creates a dimply, uneven appearance.  Sculpt Away firm + repair™ contains five ingredients to smooth and contour the body: Carnitine, Caffeine, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Peel Oil and Peppermint Oil.  These powerful fat blasters not only break down and flush out the fat, but they also speed up the fat burning processes in the treated area.

  1. ANTIOXIDANTS TO HEAL and NOURISH (Loose Skin, Crepey Skin, Cellulite)

To help the skin heal itself and protect it from further damage, Sculpt Away firm + repair™ contains antioxidants,  Tocopherol (vitamin E) and Algae extract.  The antioxidant properties of these ingredients not only help fight off further damage but they also promote healing with cellular repair.

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