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Body Sculpting

Sculpsure ®

Sculpt Away your unwanted fat in just one 25-minute treatment with FDA approved Sculpsure™. Most of us have those areas of unwanted fat that just won’t respond to diet and exercise. Target those

Lipo–Sculpt RF ™

Sculpt Away the inches! Most of us would like to trim a few inches here and there. But the demands of our lives prevent us from taking the time and effort to burn the excess fat. Did you know that

Kybella ®

Want a smart, convenient alternative to reduce your double chin? Check out Kybella®. Kybella® is an injectable treatment that destroys unwanted fat in the double chin…permanently. You’ll

Smoothshapes ®

Sculpt Away the cellulite. Smooth skin is in. Cellulite is out. But over 80 percent of women are affected by cellulite. You can go beautifully bare. Banish cellulite with non-surgical FDA approved

Cellu-Light Sculpt ™

Tired of cellulite interfering with your choice of outfits or swim wear? You can ‘ sculpt away’ the cellulite. Choose between several options at Sculpt Away. It’s a myth that fat causes

Cellu-Sculpt RF ™

Hate the loose, saggy, lumpy appearance on the front of your thighs or your arms? Do you have flaccid skin? Maybe, but your condition may be linearcellulite, which is a type of cellulite but one

Lipo-Contour ™ Body Wrap

Get that toned, slim body by detoxing with a Lipo-Contour™ Body Wrap. Most body wraps cause a temporary inch loss due to a temporary loss of water (cell dehydration). By contrast, the

Lipo-Slimming ™ Body Wrap

That high school reunion is just around the corner or maybe you bought the most beautiful body baring gown for the gala or perhaps it’s time for your military tape test again. We have all been


PelleFirm®   Lost that taut skin due to aging or pregnancy or a sudden increase or decrease in weight? Regardless of the reason, you can regain the tone and feel confident “in your

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