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Lipo-Contour ™ Body Wrap

Get that toned, slim body by detoxing with a Lipo-Contour™ Body Wrap. Most body wraps cause a temporary inch loss due to a temporary loss of water (cell dehydration). By contrast, the Lipo-Contour™ Body Wrap creates inch loss with natural ingredients that assist your lymphatic system to flush toxins, waste and excess fluids from your body.

The secret is the Lipo-Contour™ Body Wrap slimming crème. The ingredients in the slimming crème are absorbed and work internally by detoxifying and rejuvenating your body leading to inch loss. The wrapping of the body keeps the full benefit of the crème on your skin to allow for maximum absorption.

Our Sculpt Away treatment specialists will massage any remaining Lipo-Contour™ slimming crème into your skin after we remove your wrap. Avoid bathing for at least 6 hours after your wrap for maximum benefit. Drink a lot of water after your wrap to assist your body’s lymphatic system eliminate wastes, toxins and fluids.

We recommend this treatment to assist your lymphatic system in eliminating destroyed fat from your body after a fat reduction treatment such as Sculpsure™, Lipo RF™, Smoothshapes® or Kybella™. We also recommend this wrap as a stand-alone treatment for those looking for natural detoxification.

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