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LIPO–SCULPT RF ™: Safe and Effective Fat reduction in San Antonio

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Sculpt Away the inches! Most of us would like to trim a few inches here and there. But the demands of our lives prevent us from taking the time and effort to burn the excess fat. Did you know that with the marvels of modern medical technology, we can lose a few inches without taking our time and effort? Non-invasive Lipo-Sculpt RF™ treatments utilize radiofrequency energy to damage, shrink and destroy fat cells. And it takes just one hour out of your week.
No surgery. No downtime. No pain. Great results.

Radiofrequency is an FDA approved technology to trim inches from your body. Radiofrequency is a time proven. For more than ten years, your Sculpt Away San Antonio body shaping Team has employed radiofrequency technology to shrink waists, thighs, arms, hips, buttocks, and backs.

Here’s how Lipo-Sculpt RF™ works. Radiofrequency technology delivers targeted energy to heat the fat cell and cause the fat cell membrane to become temporarily porous. This allows the liquefied fat from the fat cell to leak out. This liquefied fat is then picked up and eliminated from your body via your lymphatic system. And you get a bonus. The heat from the radiofrequency energy causes collagen production which results in a tightening of the skin.

While radiofrequency technology harms fat cells, it will not harm any other part of your body such as your skin, internal organs, blood vessels or muscles. Clinical studies since 2006 have shown that the treatment leaves all other bodily tissue intact and unharmed.

If you’re short on time but want to lose inches + you want to avoid surgery, lipo-sculpt rf™ has been one of the most effective non-invasive lipo treatments in fat reduction for many years. Imagine that slimmer, sculpted body. Schedule your Patient Assessment Visit to learn how lipo-sculpt rf™ may be the ultimate shortcut to your desired body.

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