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PelleFirm® Cellulite Reduction System

Cellulite…does the word send a shudder down your spine? You’re not alone. Current statistics reveal that 80% – 95% of women have cellulite.

The truth is, you cannot reduce cellulite with diet and exercise alone. But you can go beautifully bare.

You can banish cellulite with FDA-cleared PelleFirm®, the most technically advanced medical technology available to smooth the visible appearance of cellulite.

Why do patients love PelleFirm® and ask for it by name? Unlike other solutions, PelleFirm® treats ALL the causes of cellulite:

  • Fat
  • Excess Fluids and Toxins
  • Dermal (Skin) Weakness and Connective Tissue Rigidity

Imagine that smoother, sculpted body.  Feel the confidence to show off your shapely curves. 

PelleFirm®, the ultimate shortcut to a smoother, slimmer body.

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