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San Antonio Weight Loss Programs

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Weight Loss Program San Antonio

The best diet? It’s the diet that works best for you. A successful diet plan must satisfy your likes and dislikes, goals, needs and lifestyle.

Sculpt Away offers two great diet options. Choose the one that fits you best.

Both diets include:
* Initial medical assessment
* RX Appetite Suppressant Medication (with Sculpt Away physician approval)
* Nutritional Counseling
* Slim Shot® Lipotropic Cocktails
* Sculpt Away Weight Loss Supplements
* On-going coaching, support and monitoring


Physician-designed, the Fat Burning Diet® programs your body to burn fat at all times, even while at rest. Perfect for those wanting to fast-track their weight loss. Many patients experience double-digit weight loss in the first two weeks alone.


Patterned after the Healthy Eating Plate®, and developed by the nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health, this diet promotes balanced, healthy eating. It’s the perfect choice for those who are content with steady but long-lasting weight loss and want to ‘cheat’ now and then. The Count Away Diet® allow numerous food choices, even wine and sweets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to purchase packaged foods or shakes for the Sculpt Away weight loss programs?

No. There is no need to purchase particular foods or shakes. You eat your own foods. We teach you how to select the right foods and how to prepare your foods so you lose the weight you want, then keep it off for life.

Are the Sculpt Away weight loss programs covered by Employer Wellness Programs?

Most likely, yes. To date, all of our patients have been reimbursed for the Sculpt Away weight loss program by their employment wellness programs.

Will I need to count calories and/or weigh my food?

No. You will not need to count calories or weigh your food on the Sculpt Away Fat Burning Diet®. Designed by a physician, this special diet plan programs your body to burn fat for energy.

Will I feel hungry on the Sculpt Away weight loss program?

No. You should not feel hungry on the Sculpt Away weight loss program; however, you may experience cravings. If you desire (and if you are a medical candidate), the Sculpt Away physicians may prescribe prescription appetite suppressants to assist with your cravings.

Will my Health Savings Account cover the Sculpt Away weight loss programs?

It depends. All the Health Savings Accounts differ. Many Sculpt Away patients have used their Health Savings cards to purchase the program. You will need to find out the details of your particular account.

Will I be able to dine at restaurants while I’m on the Sculpt Away weight loss program?

Yes. We will teach you about nutrition and how to select foods at restaurants suitable for the diet plan(s).

What if I want to lose more than 10-15 pounds? Can I do another Sculpt Away
30-day weight loss program?

Yes. We encourage you to continue until you reach your goal. Though some patients choose to continue on their own using what they’ve learned during the initial 30 days, patients continuing on the program reach optimum results faster and easier with the continued coaching, teaching, accountability and support from the Sculpt Away team.

Where is Sculpt Away located?

Sculpt Away is centrally located in San Antonio within The Colonnade III shopping center on IH 10 across from USAA. You can find Sculpt Away on the westbound IH 10 access road between Wurzbach and Huebner.

How much time do I need to commit to Sculpt Away?

Your longest visit is your initial visit. Expect to spend an hour for your “Intake” visit. You will have weekly visits after that, each lasting about 30 minutes.

It’s hard for me to miss work. Do you have after-hours appointments?

Yes. We realize you are busy, can’t take off work, and have many other commitments. We offer evening appointments Monday through Thursday. We are open until 7 pm.

I don’t live in San Antonio. I may not be able to attend weekly visits. What are my options?

Many of our patients live outside of the San Antonio metro area. Please let us know about your conflicts. We will work with you and create a plan that works for you. Learn more about our trusted body sculpting services in TX.

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