Unwanted Abdominal Fat Treatment Options In San Antonio

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Part 6B

Non-Surgical Options to Reduce Unwanted Abdominal Fat

(Subcutaneous &/or Visceral Fat)


Multiple non-invasive treatment choices exist for unwanted abdominal fat.  Choosing the right one depends upon many factors, including your time availability, the amount of visceral vs subcutaneous fat, your medical condition, your timeline, your goals and your willingness to participate in lifestyle changes.  Medical technology exists to reduce both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in the abdominal area.




SculpSure™ is an FDA-approved light based treatment proven to permanently destroy 24% of the subcutaneous fat cells in the treated area (abdomen).  Skin tightening has also been observed following a SculpSure™ treatment. The treatment takes only 25 minutes and requires only one treatment for the 24% permanent fat destruction.  The SculpSure™ treatment is not intended for reduction of visceral fat.


Great for:       Age 18 and up, mild, moderate or severe subcutaneous fat

Beautiful Effects for:     Permanent destruction of 24% of fat cells

Recovery Period:     None, no restrictions

Ouch Factor:      Comfortable 25-minute treatment

In-Office Time:     45 minutes to one hour

See Results When:     6 weeks, with optimum results at 12 weeks

Skin Tightening?:     Yes

Cost:     375–1500 per treatment area


RadioFrequency Fat Reduction

RadioFrequency Tissue Tightening


RadioFrequency is FDA cleared to reduce fat and tighten tissue.  It does this through the delivery of energy to the treated area (abdomen) by driving controlled heat into the fat cells and subsequently destroying some fat cells and shrinking others. RadioFrequency technology also has the ability to target energy to collagen cells resulting in tissue tightening.  The treatment has the ability to penetrate up to 3 inches deep reaching both subcutaneous and visceral fat.  The treatment of choice for visceral fat.


Great for:     Age 18 and up, mild, moderate or severe abdominal fat

Beautiful Effects for:   no return of fat without weight gain (skin tightening maintenance treatments recommended)

Recovery Period:    None

Ouch Factor:     Comfortable treatment

In-Office Time:     Weekly one hour treatments for 6-10 weeks

See Results When?:     Some immediate, remainder at 4 weeks to 3 months

Skin Tightening?:     Yes

Cost:     350 per treatment




Lipodissolve is a treatment utilizing a combination of compounds injected for the purpose of fat reduction.  The treatment has also been seen to result in tissue tightening.  The main ingredient in Lipodissolve is Phosphytidycholine, a substance derived from soy.  Lipodissolve has not been approved or intensely studies by the FDA for fat reduction or cosmetic purposes.  The use of Lipodissolve for cosmetic purposes is condiered “off label” use.  “Off label” means that it has been approved or occurs naturally for one purpose, but providers are using it for another purpose.  It has been used for reducing fat deposits for many years.  This treatment is not intended for reduction of visceral fat.


Great for:     Age 18 and up, mild to moderate subcutaneous abdominal fat

Beautiful Effects for:     Insufficient scientific data; effects lasting many years have been noted clinically

Recovery Period:    None, but there can be swelling, discomfort, bruising for 1-4 weeks

Ouch Factor:     Multiple micro-injections can cause discomfort during & after injecting

In-Office Time:     45 minutes to one hour; may treat again in 6 weeks

See Results When:     4 to 6 weeks (recommend 3 to 5 treatments)

Skin Tightening:  Insufficient scientific data: skin tightening has been noted clinically

Cost:     400 per treatment


We hope you enjoyed learning about (1) the causes of unwanted abdominal fat and (2) the treatment options to reduce both subcutaneous and visceral abdominal fat.


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In Part 7, learn all about unwanted fat at our hips & “saddle bags” and ways to reduce it and look & feel beautiful!

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