The “Skinny” On Fat Causing Carbs

Fat Causing Carbs and Options at Sculpt Away in San Antonio 
We’ve all heard that unrefined or “complex” carbs and refined or “simple” carbs have different effects on the body. But many of us don’t realize just how drastic that difference is.

Simply put, refined carbs are sources of sugar and starch that are NOT found in whole foods that readily exist in nature. And we all know what they are: junk foods, processed foods, instant foods, breads, pastas, sweets, and the list goes on. And also beware of “low-fat” foods, as more sugar is often added to them.

Ok, so what. Simple carbs can’t be that bad right? The answer is a resounding YES! And here is why:

  • Unlike complex carbs that satisfy hunger, simple carbs actually make us hungrier so we eat more. Yikes!

  • Constant carb eating means that they are your body’s energy source, not fat stores.

  • And maybe the scariest of all! Refined carbs raise our insulin levels, which is a fat storing hormone! So, those carbs are converted to fat and that fat is put right into storage for safe keeping. Insulin can also cause water retention making you feel bloated.

So that was the bad news. Here is some good news! These are just a few of the benefits you could experience on a low, unrefined carb diet.

  • Decreased appetite means eating fewer calories.

  • Your fat stores become the modus operandi for your body’s energy = a shrinking you!

  • This way of eating is particularly effective in the reduction of…wait for it…Belly Fat! Woohoo!

  • You will lose more weight than by calorie restriction alone and without being hungry.

  • You will lose weight without losing muscle, so you will stay toned and raise your metabolism.

  • There are many health benefits, including lower blood pressure and cholesterol (to name a few).

If all of this sounds wonderful, but you don’t know where to even start, we can help! Sculpt Aways Shed Away weight loss program gives you the structure and the ongoing support you need to make the process of losing weight a manageable and ultimately gratifying one. Our program is not a diet, it is a change in lifestyle that will give you the confidence and longevity you deserve in life. You may even be an inspiration to those around you. You can do this and we’ll do it with you! The time is now to make 2017 your transformation year! Contact Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210.227.3051 and at for fast and easy body sculpting.

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