Sculpsure®, 25 minute Fat Reduction: the Coolsculpting® Alternative in San Antonio

You have probably heard of Coolsculpting® for non-surgical fat reduction.  It’s been around a while.  And you may have heard that the Coolsculpting® treatments can be quite painful, both during treatment and even for a prolonged period of time after treatment.  And you may have learned that Coolsculpting® leaves you with “ridges” or “shelves” in the area treated, caused by the tissue being sucked up into the applicator.  Plus, you worry about loose skin after Coolsculpting®.  Coolsculpting® does nothing to improve or tighten the skin.  So you may be wondering if you should just opt for Liposuction, which also causes pain, uneven results, leaves you with loose skin and in addition, carries a lengthy and burdensome recovery period.

You need to check out the breakthrough technology, Sculpsure®.  Sculpsure® was approved by the FDA in May 2015 to permanently destroy up to 24% of the fat in the treated area in just a single treatment.  Yes!  You read it correctly, just one 25-minute treatment for permanent fat loss!  All of your concerns with Coolsculpting®, the pain during treatment, the pain after treatment, the uneven results, the loose skin, are non-issues with Sculpsure®.

Sculpsure® is a comfortable light based treatment.  The proprietary laser wavelength used by Sculpsure® targets only the subcutaneous fat cells, leaving the rest of the tissue (skin, vessels, muscle and internal organs) intact and unharmed.  Even better,  Sculpsure®’s heat based technology stimulates collagen production in your skin and tightening skin in the treated area, thereby alleviating your worry about loose skin.

And you need not worry about uneven results, “shelving,” or “ridges” with Sculpsure®.  Inside Sculpsure®’s applicators you will find a conical shape which radiates around the treated area leaving your fat reduction very smooth and even.  Indeed, Sculpsure® results reach an area much larger than the area under the applicators.  Many times, when treating the abdomen, the treatment seems to affect the entire trunk.  Click here to check out the before/after photos .

Sculpsure® is an easy 25-minute treatment.  Forgo the pain caused by the Coolsculpting® treatment. The Sculpsure® applicators lay firmly against the skin.  No suction is used.  Patients experience periods of cooling followed by heating followed by cooling and so on.  After treatment, you can proceed with your planned schedule.  There are no restrictions to activity.  And you will not experience pain after treatment either.  You will not require pain medication post treatment, as with Coolsculpting®.

Sculpsure® is indeed a game changer in the field of fat reduction.  You want the latest technology.  You want body sculpting experts in charge of your treatment.  Find out more.  Call the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away @ 210-227-3051 to find out if Sculpsure® is right for you.

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