Kybella® Double Chin Injection in San Antonio

Dolores takes care of herself.  She watches what she eats, tries to stay active, gets regular facials and dresses fashionably.  She has used injectables in the past but does not get regular treatments.  One thing has always bothered Dolores.  It’s the double chin she has had for years.  Her mom had it, her grandmother had it and she has it.  She is bothered by it but not so much that she would resort to surgery.  When she learned about Kybella®, she did not hesitate.

Dolores learned that Kybella® promises to melt away fat in the double chin with micro-injections.  She learned that Kybella® has been approved by the FDA for permanent fat reduction in the double chin area.  In about 4-8 weeks, she will be left with a reduction in her double chin.  She could have the treatment during her lunch break and a few weeks after treatment, she could look in the mirror and like what she sees!

Kybella® is a new option in the lunchtime fat reduction treatments.  The treatment takes only about 15 minutes.  It’s convenient, effective and safe.  Some swelling, tenderness and/or numbness may be experienced but it does not require any downtime whatsoever.  People, like Dolores, want to do it.

Kybella®’s active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule manufactured to be identical to those contained in the gall bladder that aid in absorption of fat.  Upon injection under the chin, the fat cells are destroyed.  Kybella® is the first injectable medication that has been approved to destroy localized fat.

Kybella® should be administered by experienced medical professionals.  The body shaping experts at Sculpt Away have treated many patients with Kybella® since February 2016.  The Sculpt Away facility even served as a training site for other medical professionals training to inject Kybella®.   To find out if Kybella® is right for you, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away @ 210-227-3051.

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