Brown Spots and Wrinkles and Sagging Skin, Oh My!

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Attention!  All the baby oil and iodine baskers of the 20th century –  the truth is out!  A healthy tan does not exist.  All of us sun worshippers of just a few years ago are facing brown spots, crow’s feet, and sagging skin.  We are all looking for ways to reverse the damage of misspent youth.

By now, most of us have learned to be pros at protecting our skin against further skin damage.  We have sunscreen in our moisturizer, in our makeup, and in our lip balm. That is good.  “Whenever you start protecting yourself from the sun, you will stop the process of additional damage and start to reverse, to some extent, what you’ve already accumulated,” says Dr. Neal Schultz, a New York dermatologist.

To be on your way to serious skin recovery and effective skin damage reversal, follow this summer recovery treatment program.

Exfoliate Effectively with Chemical Peels

Exfoliation allows for new, healthy skin cells to emerge.  Chemical exfoliation dissolves dead skin cells instead of using a granule based cleanser or buffer, which scrubs your skin cells off roughly and unevenly.  When choosing your chemical peel, choose professional grade products used by experts in skin care.  Many factors determine the correct chemical exfoliant(s) for your skin, such as your skin color, your age, the amount of damage and your medical history.  The active ingredients are vital in removing all of the layers of skin cells that are holding the brown spots or causing the fine lines and wrinkles.  One chemical peel will provide some benefit but in most cases, a series of chemical peels are needed to provide the improvements you desire.


Hydroquinone RX Products

Help beat those brown spots with a hydroquinone product.  These products are referred to as skin bleach but there’s nothing bleachy about them.  These products will have the end effect of lightening the brown areas of your skin, but they do so by stopping the skin’s uneven production of melanin (brown pigment) that your skin churns out when it tries to fight UV radiation.

Tretinoin RX Products

Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative that removes the top layer of skin cells.  The product minimizes the effects of photoaging like fine lines and brown spots and stimulates collagen production. Over time skin appears smoother.  Some common names are Retin A or Renova.

Vitamin C & Other Antioxidants

Antioxidants help protect the skin’s DNA to prevent cancer while also protecting the collagen and elastic tissue from free radicals that can cause wrinkles and sagging skin.  Vitamin C topical antioxidants are best for reducing uneven brown pigmentation but all antioxidants are beneficial.


All ultraviolet rays are harmful, not just those that burn.  Your sunscreen must protect against both UVA and UVB rays.  Check the ingredients.  For adequate protection, your sunscreen must also include a physical block such as zinc or titanium.  “Wear sunscreen that contains zinc every day, even under makeup or on cloudy days. Just like brushing your teeth protects the enamel and bones in your mouth, wearing sunscreen can prevent further sun damage and reduce wrinkle formation, among other advantages.”, the Doctor Oz Show.

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