Shortcut to a Slimmer Torso using SculpSure as a option in San Antonio

Say NO to Waist Trainers, Say YES to Sculpsure™

We all want a beautiful hourglass figure, right?  Even though we work hard at it (okay, sometimes we work hard at it), we cannot get that small waist.  And wouldn’t a shortcut be great?  Of course!  That’s why we all too often fall for those easy fix claims like “lose 4 inches in DAYS” or “train your waist 3 inches smaller.”   

We took these quotes straight from our google search today. Promises made by those who are selling waist trainers. 

Take notice that the companies (& celebrities) promoting waist trainers are not medical professionals, nor are they fitness professionals.  Why?  Waist trainers simply are ineffective at slimming down.  Waist trainers do nothing to change your body proportions, and importantly, they can pose health risks. 

Let us back up.  What are waist trainers?  Waist trainers are tight-fitting corset-like garments worn for specific periods of time to allegedly reshape your torso by force.  By tight-fitting, we do not mean the slight pressure you feel from Spanx®; we mean extreme squeezing.  The promise is that if you wear the garment repeatedly for months, your body will be molded into an hourglass figure.  And this idea is nothing new.  Corsets sold today are basically the same as those worn one hundred years ago.

If you want to wear a waist trainer every now and then, it will probably pose no risk.  It can be an effective way to look better in some of your outfits.  Here are some reasons, however, why you should avoid waist training as a practice to lose inches in your torso.

Waist training can reduce your lung capacity by 30-60% thereby depriving your body of oxygen.  Insufficient oxygen for all your bodily tissue and organs, including your brain and heart. 

Wearing a waist trainer on a regular basis restricts your lymphatic system thus allowing waste products and toxins to build up in your body.

Lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys are located inside your torso.  When you squeeze your torso with a waist trainer, all your organs must adapt by being pushed, moved and crowded into unnatural positions. Long term waist training can cause permanent damage to your vital organs.

Extreme compression from a waist trainer can cause digestive problems.  Your torso houses your esophagus, stomach and intestines.  Your digestion can be hindered; you can develop acid reflux; you can potentially have blockages.

Waist training will not create weight loss, reduce belly fat or give you results as with medical fat loss treatments or diet & exercise.  All it can do is give you a temporary change in appearance.  Think about it.  You cannot change your body with a piece of fabric.

If you want a shortcut to a permanently slimmer torso, consider Sculpsure™.  This medical treatment is proven safe and effective.  You will get up to a 24% permanent fat loss in one 25-minute treatment.  You can skip the pain, cost and side effects of a waist trainer and get the torso you desire.  For more information about Sculpsure™, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051.  Read more at  Sculpt Away.  Fast and Easy Body Sculpting. 

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