Detox: The Weight Loss Secret

The pounds don’t disappear and you pinch more than an inch despite diet and exercise. You may be blaming your stomach but that’s the wrong organ to blame. To make your weight loss resolution a reality, the secret is in the liver.

If you can’t lose weight no matter what, you may need to assist your liver by detoxing. Your liver is key to your overall health and weight. The liver performs many functions. The liver

  • Assists in regulation of glucose & insulin, blood pressure, estrogen, the immune system, vitamins & minerals and cholesterol
  • Aids in digestion by breaking down fat
  • Removes toxins from your body

When your liver is overworked, toxic residues build up. This toxic residue causes weight gain and obesity – fat gain, especially around the belly. Your liver is working double-duty and it becomes a vicious cycle. To reverse this cycle and start losing weight and keeping it off, start with detox.

You don’t need to go to detox extremes to assist your liver. We are not recommending liquid diets, enemas or fasts. Instead, we recommend a cleanse that’s good for you. Just give your liver a little help. Kick start your weight loss plan with a supplement containing natural ingredients like fennel seed, flaxseed, licorice root, lactobacillus acidophilus, ginger root and buckthorn bark. These ingredients have been clinically studied and proven effective. Studies are now underway to determine whether these supplements should be taken daily or whether they should be taken only during periods of liver stress.

We recommend Sculpt Away’s cleanse away™ to jump start your diet program. Cleanse Away™ contains the clinically-proven effective ingredients to assist your liver with detox. Reverse the weight gain cycle today. Contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051.
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