Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas Under $50

Salt Room (Halotherapy) – Experience the negative ion environment of San Antonio’s only Salt Room. Super-oxygenate, detoxify, de-stress and finally sleep soundly. The Salt Room Experience makes great corporate gifts too! Ask about our volume discount.


Infrared Sauna with SoSound– Feel the music with SoSound in the relaxing, yet therapeutic, infrared sauna. Different from a steam or heat sauna, the infrared sauna utilized far, near and mid infrared light energy to relax, detoxify and heal the mind, body and spirit.

Mystic Tan – Who wouldn’t want the look of a sun-kissed tan in the colder months? Mystic tan offers a natural-looking , golden tan that lasts for up to 7-10 days, A truly unexpected gift to surprise that special someone.

Unique Gift Bundles Under $100

Indulge Her Face

  • Facial treatment of your choice followed by an LED
  • Post care home kit
  • Refreshing Puretini & energizing Pep Shot at the Rejuvenation Bar

Over $175 value for only $75!

Indulge Her Body: 

  • Lipo-Contour Body Wrap with Press Away Therapy
  •  Sculpt Away Slender Sleep supplements to take home
  • Refreshing Puretini & fat burning Slim Shot at the Rejuvenation Bar

Over $175 value for only $75!

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