Sculpsure Body Shaping Treatment In San Antonio

Sculpsure: The New “It” Fat Destruction Body Shaping Treatment

It’s finally here! Admit it. Haven’t you been wishing for a way to make the stubborn fat disappear – and for good? Without pain, sacrifice and effort? I know I have.

It’s’ not a pill you swallow. ‘It’s’ a medical technology. Sculpsure® is ‘it.’ It’s the ‘it’ you’ve been longing for.

So you ask, what is Sculpsure and why is it different from all those other treatments?

Sculpsure utilizes new cutting-edge medical laser technology to target your subcutaneous fat cells, killing up to 24% of them, in just one 25-minute treatment. They’re gone for good and you won’t produce new ones. It’s a treatment that is pain-free and involves absolutely no down time. The FDA approved this technology in 2015 for fat reduction. Like I said, brand new.

Compared to the ‘next best’ one-time fat reduction treatment, Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is old technology; it’s been around since 2010. Coolsculpting freezes the treated area of your body, is known to be painful during treatment and can interfere with your daily activities after treatment. In other words, it hurts and you have pain and numbness afterwards.

Let’s take a closer look.

Sculpsure won’t take much time. Let’s say you want to get rid of that fat that bulges over the sides of your jeans, referred to as your ‘muffin top.’ You want both sides reduced, right? You can do that with one 25-minute Sculpsure treatment. Treating that same area will take 2 hours with Coolsculpting. Think about it. In that same 2 hours, you could treat up to 4 areas with Sculpsure!

Sculpsure won’t cause pain. Just throw that old adage, ‘no pain no gain’ out the window with Sculpsure. Your 25-minute treatment simply consists of waves of heating and cooling. If you want comfort, beware of Coolsculpting. First, the tissue in the area is ‘sucked’ up into an applicator (which doesn’t feel good), then that same tissue is ‘frozen’ (which hurts until it goes numb). When the hour-long Coolsculpting treatment is done and the applicator is removed, your skin is discolored and looks frozen solid in the shape of the applicator (are you getting a visual image?!) and must be massaged back into its proper shape (which reportedly hurts like crazy).

Sculpsure will not cause saggy skin. Due to its heat-based technology, Sculpsure treatments can stimulate the production of collagen and cause a skin tightening effect; it will not lead to saggy skin. Not so with Coolsculpting. Freezing does not improve skin, so you run the risk of loose skin with any loss of fat or size you experience after a Coolsculpting treatment.

You won’t miss any activities. After a Sculpsure treatment, you can do anything, I said anything, you have planned. Okay, you cannot sunbathe or go to a tanning bed the day of your treatment – but that’s the only limitation. With Coolsculpting, you do have limitations placed on your daily activities after treatment, like no workouts, etc.

You won’t experience bruising, pain or numbness. I know that pain tolerance and sensitivity varies from person to person but the Sculpsure applicators are simply belted over your body and are not snug enough to create bruising and you should not feel any pain after the treatment. Whereas Coolsculpting patients report bruising and discoloration, numbness and pain for up to several months following treatment.

There have been no reports of hyperplasia of fat (production of MORE fat). You read it correctly. There have been reports of Coolsculpting treatments causing patients to produce more fat. Coolsculpting providers usually recommend liposuction to remove this additional fat. No such reports exist with the Sculpsure treatment.

Clearly, Sculpsure is today’s ‘it’ fat destruction body shaping treatment. For more information, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051 or visit

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