Why is Belly Fat so hard to defeat? Find out by a Med Spa In San Antonio

3 Ways to Win the Battle of the Belly Bulge

So many of us fight the battle of the belly bulge.  Seems like no matter how much we sacrifice with our diet, the fat on the tummy just won’t budge.  Even more frustrating, it may be out of our control.


Why is Belly Fat so hard to defeat?



When estrogen levels fall at peri-menopause and continue to fall through menopause, this leads to both fat gain and to fat redistribution.  Fat gain we understand but we may not be familiar with fat redistribution.  When a woman hits the age of 40 (and beyond), the body actually ‘redistributes’ fat from other parts of the body to the abdomen.



What woman doesn’t feel stressed out?  When stressed, our brain produces hunger hormones that make us more likely to binge eat, especially on high-fat, high carb ‘comfort foods.’  Cortisol, the ‘stress hormone,’ rises, producing higher insulin levels which drop our blood sugar and make us crave sugary, fatty foods.



Maybe you won’t be surprised to hear that almost a third of women suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Researchers have learned that sleep-deprivation leads to overeating.



Our metabolic rate slows by 5% per decade.  By age 40, we’re burning 10% fewer calories than we did in our 20’s.  By age 50 our metabolism is 15% slower.


Muscle Mass

Ready for the double whammy?  Our muscles begin to shrink sometime in our late 30’s to early 40’s and what we lose in muscle, we gain in fat.


Fat Cells

Some good news.  We do not produce new fat cells at and after 40 (unless we get pregnant).  Our fat cells increase in size when we gain weight and decrease in size when we lose weight.  Here’s the bad news.  Neither diet or exercise leads to a decrease in the number of fat cells.



Destroy Fat Cells

Wouldn’t it be great if we could decrease the number of fat cells?  WE CAN!


Defeat Belly Fat with Sculpsure®

With recent advancements in medical technology now we can destroy fat cells.  In 2015, the FDA cleared the Sculpsure® device for up to 24% permanent fat reduction in just one treatment.  Sculpsure® uses a proprietary laser wavelength to selectively target and destroy subcutaneous fat cells.  The treatment takes a short 25-minutes.  Sculpsure® is non-invasive and does not require any down time.  Patients can go about their day immediately after the treatment.

Watch a video about Sculpsure.



You can defeat belly fat after 40.  When you’re ready to take control and win the battle of the belly bulge, use the newest and best weapon, Sculpsure®.


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