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provided by Sculpt Away a number on ranked Sculpsure med spa in the world.

We take great effort and much discrimination in selecting the medical technologies we offer to our patient’s for their body contouring needs. At Sculpt Away, we’ve been sculpting bodies for many years and know a thing or two about getting the most reduction possible and contouring beautiful curves.

Multiple Fat Reduction Devices available; SculpSure Reigns as the most Innovative and Effective

More than 40 non-invasive fat reduction devices have entered the U.S. market to date, with more being introduced at an alarming rate. Alarming, because most of these devices offer nothing new and none of these devices can compare to the no downtime SculpSure laser lipolysis, which was FDA cleared in 2015.

For more than three years, SculpSure has reigned as the most innovative and effective body contouring treatment available. No other device comes close to the non-invasive, no downtime SculpSure fat destruction treatment.

Brooke Shields chose SculpSure

Supermodel and actress Brooke Shields announced publicly she chose SculpSure. Yep, even supermodels have stubborn fat. And even supermodels need help reducing problem areas. Selected as one of People magazine’s “most beautiful,” 53 year old Brooke Shields told the magazine that aging changed her body and left her with areas that “just won’t go away.” She said the unwanted fat made her feel totally insecure about her body. But not any more! She did the SculpSure treatment and she has since been seen showing off her curves in figure-hugging dresses. Good for her!

5 Reasons to Choose SculpSure at Sculpt Away for Body Contouring

You now know why Brooke Shields chose SculpSure. Here’s five reasons why we proudly offer SculpSure (and why it’s an industry favorite).

1. Comfort

It’s not a “no pain no gain” type of deal. Our patients describe SculpSure treatments as being completely tolerable, some even saying “it’s a breeze.” You’ll feel periods of heating and cooling during the treatment. Designed with a unique cooling system, SculpSure keeps your skin at a safe, comfortable temperature while your fat cells are being destroyed. Most of our patients chat away with one of our Sculpt Away Treatment Specialists, one of whom will be with you the entire treatment time. Some of our patients even use their treatment time to check emails, surf FaceBook or place business calls.

2. Time

A SculpSure treatment time is faster than your commute! Seriously, you can treat an entire problem area in just 25 minutes. That means you can treat both thighs, both sides of your flanks (both sides of your hips), your abdomen, etc. in that short period of time. At Sculpt Away, we can even “double-sculpt,” which means we can use two SculpSure devices (we have two) to treat multiple areas at once – in just 25 minutes.

3. Long-Lasting Natural-Looking Reduction

With SculpSure, you won’t be left with the lumps, bumps or indentations that are so often associated with both CoolSculpting and Liposuction. The unique design of the SculpSure laser applicators not only treats the fat in the immediate area, but it also feathers out to treat a much larger area – thirty degrees in circumference outside the area being treated. This feathering of the laser energy produces a very smooth and natural looking reduction and very natural looking sexy curves. Studies show patients see up to 24% fat cell destruction in the treated area in just one treatment and most of our patients get the reduction they desire in just one treatment.

4. Not Surgical – uses your Body’s own Natural Eliminating System

No needles, no incisions, no bruising, no scarring, no suction. Just fat reduction. Because SculpSure destroys fat cells 100% non-invasively, your body’s natural elimination system is called into play to flush away the dead fat cells and debris. It’s a natural, physiological process. Your lymphatic system does the work over a time period of about 6 -12 weeks and will gradually excrete the waste via your urine and your sweat.

5. Better than the Competition

As we said earlier, in our expert opinion, SculpSure is superior fat reduction technology from all other devices, including CoolSculpting. You’ve heard of CoolSculpting. It’s been around for a while, since 2010 to be exact. During those ten years, CoolSculpting’s marketing team has made it a household name. CoolSculpting is certainly #1 in marketing, but CoolSculpting is not your #1 option for non-invasive body contouring.

Did you realize the CoolSculpting technology is nearly ten years old now? That’s old technology in the body contouring world. SculpSure is newer technology. The medical scientists who developed SculpSure specifically addressed and corrected the problems of CoolSculpting.

Patients undergoing CoolSculpting must accept the following potential risks and side effects; Patients undergoing SculpSure will NOT.

1. Side effect of Neurogenic Pain (nerve pain from nerve damage)

  • Can last for several weeks and can be quite severe (requiring RX pain meds)

2. Possibility of increased fat in the area instead of reduced fat in the area

  • Called PAH, Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia
  • Hardened area of fat
  • Can only be treated with Liposuction
  • Recent article shows it may be more common than originally thought

3. Reputation for creating uneven reduction, often called “sharkbites” or “shelving”

SculpSure presents countless advantages over all other conventional fat reduction treatments. It’s certainly easy to see why SculpSure is favored by physicians “in the know” about body contouring.


Don’t stay frustrated, unhappy and insecure with your body another day. If you, like Brooke Shields, have unwanted fat that just won’t respond to diet and exercise, consult an expert in body contouring.

Find a provider with the best long-standing reputation in the community, the most reviews by happy patients and recognition of body contouring expertise.

For more information about SculpSure, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051 or visit www.SculptAway.com.

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