Build Muscle, Lose Fat and No Exercise Required

If you go to a gym or spend any time surfing social media, you’ve likely heard about EMS, Electro Magnetic Muscle Contraction, and it’s connection to fat loss.

Can you can believe these claims? Find out below.

The body shaping industry obsesses over short cuts, always searching for the next legitimate quick-acting fat reduction treatment to offer patients. Let’s review what you can do already:

Laser away your fat in just one 25-minute treatment using SculpSureⓇ;
Zap your cellulite with PelleveⓇ and Lipo-Sculpt RF™; and
Optimize and supercharge your fat reduction with treatments such as Lipo-Light Sculpt™, Press Away™ Therapy, InfraRed Sauna and Lipo Contour™ Body Wraps.

Myo-Sculpt™ Therapy – in the spotlight now!

Make room for one more! Meet Myo-Sculpt™ Therapy, ‘current sweetheart of the jetset.’ Myo-Sculpt utilizes electro magnetic muscle stimulation to

  • Tone muscles
  • Burn fat
  • Sculpt your body

New technology? No. It’s been around for more than 40 years

First used in the former USSR as early as the 1950’s, experts in the US discovered the benefits of EMS therapy in the early 1970’s.

Until very recently, the sole professional using EMS technology consisted of physical therapists. Now, both body shaping medical professionals and personal trainers employ this technology to work the muscles, reduce the fat and contour the body.

Studies reveal fat reduction

Although some debate exists, research proves the technology employed by Myo-Sculpt™ Therapy reduces fat. One study, published in the Journal of Exercise Science and Physical Therapy, showed participants who underwent EMS therapy treatments to the abs 3 times a week for 4 weeks lost an average of 1.85% fat without changing their diet or activity level – a significant finding considering the group of participants who did not undergo EMS Therapy but who did work out with aerobics and dieted lost much less fat.

Must be an EMS Device, not a TENS Unit – here’s why

Don’t confuse an EMS Device with a TENS Unit. A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Unit delivers energy to the nervous tissue (stimulates nerves) and is designed to relieve pain. EMS Devices (like Myo-Sculpt™) cause muscle contractions by delivering electrical energy to the muscles and are intended to tone, strengthen and sculpt muscles.
Myo-Sculpt™ Therapy produces commanding, deep muscle contractions, much more intense than working out naturally. It’s been said that one workout with this technology can be compared to doing more than 1000 sit-ups.

Unexpected Benefits of EMS Technology

Electro Magnetic Muscle Contraction (EMS) Devices like the Myo-Sculpt™ deliver extra perks. In addition to muscle toning, Myo-Sculpt™ increase circulation to the treated area. This increased circulation promotes detoxification by assisting the body’s lymphatic system in eliminating waste, excess fluids and toxins.

Myo-Sculpt™ Treatment Schedule

Allow 30 minutes to an hour for one treatment lasting a range of time of 20-40 minutes. We recommend at least six or more treatments initially, 1-2 times per week, and one maintenance treatment every 4-6 months.

Who is MyoSculpt™ good for?

Sign up NOW if you had a SculpSureⓇ treatment. Myo-Sculpt™ Therapy provides the perfect pairing to that permanent fat reduction treatment.
Use it to supercharge your workout efforts.
Use it as motivation to stick with your diet.
Use it to fit into your clothes better.
Use it to get “summer ready.”
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