A New Weapon to Fight Cellulite in San Antonio

New Treatments for Cellulite…and Small Fat Deposits  

And it’s great for accelerating SculpSure Reduction too! 

Announcing our newest cellulite weapon:  Sonic Wave Technology.  

If you haven’t heard about the power of sound waves, there’s good reason.  It’s just within the last ten years that experts have recognized the benefits of sound power, also called acoustic waves or sonic waves.

Studies reveal that when combined with percussion therapy, acoustic wave (sonic) therapy 

  • breaks down and flushes fat and cellulite; 
  • stimulates the production of collagen; 
  • increases circulation; and 
  • improves lymphatic drainage.  

In other words, this dual technology effectively combats cellulite and disrupts and flushes away fat cells. And it’s well documented.  Several scientific studies  have demonstrated that the dual therapies of sonic waves + percussion are both safe and effective in reducing cellulite and localized fat deposits, plus improving skin tone and firmness.    

Goodbye Cellulite!

Hello Cellu-Sonic Sculpt 

We all know that reducing cellulite does not come as easily as applying a magic cream or going on a crazy diet.  If the solution were that simple, none of us would have cellulite!  Check out cellulite solutions we know are effective and highly recommend.   

Why do 90% of women develop cellulite? Let’s take a look.

Blame 4 factors

  • Fat
  • Fluids & Toxins
  • Weakened, damaged skin
  • Stiffened fibrous bands

How do these 4 factors lead to cellulite?

  • Your skin becomes weakened and is no longer strong and smooth.

(Your blood vessles have not provided adequate nourishment to your skin +  you’ve lost healthy collagen from estrogen levels, aging, sun damage or poor nutrition)

  • The fibrous bands connecting your fascia to your skin become rigid and pull downwards.

(Fascia is the membrane covering your muscles)

  • Fluids and toxins become trapped in the space between these fibrous bands.

(That space is called the Interstitial Space)

  • Fat cells swell and enlarge from the surrounding (trapped) fluids and toxins.

(The fat cells may continue to increase in size with swelling)   


Stiffened fibrous bands pulling down weakened skin… with swollen fat cells and excess fluids bulging up in between… results in that all-too-familiar cottage cheese look.  

Cellu-Sonic Sculpt

For a cellulite treatment to be effective, it must address each of the 4 factors causing it.  

Learn how Cellu-Sonic Sculpt addresses each of the 4 factors to 

  • minimize cellulite
  • firm and smooth skin
  • eliminate fluids and toxins
  • reduce fat deposits

Cellu-Sonic Sculpt emits powerful sound waves (acoustic wave therapy) and measured postive pressure pulses (percussion therapy) to break down and loosen the rigid fibrous bands, allow the entrapped fluids and toxins to escape, increase lymphatic flow, disrupt and flush fat cells and trigger collagen production.  

Cellulite Treatments

Despite our many modern medical advances, cellulite continues to be one of the toughest issues to correct.  

Unlike a one procedure fix for fat elimination (with SculpSure), patients require a series of treatments for any cellulite solution.  Most patients require a minimum of 6 treatments, depending on the severity of their condition.  Note: many patients opt to first have a SculpSure procedure to permanently eliminate the excess fat, then smooth with Cellu-Sonic Sculpt afterwards is still needed.  

Good news.  The typical patient should begin to see noticeable improvements after just a few treatments.  Plus, patients should see continued smoothing over the next few months after completing their series due to continued collagen production.

Dear Fat, it’s over!

I’ve got Lipo-Sonic Sculpt

Contouring and Shaping  + Reducing Small Pockets of Fat 

If you suffer with smaller pockets of fat or would like to work on contouring and shaping, Lipo-Sonic Sculpt may be your ideal solution. 

     Lipo-Sonic Sculpt

Lipo-Sonic Sculpt emits powerful sound waves (acoustic wave therapy) and measured postive pressure pulses (percussion therapy) to 

  • disrupt and break down fat 
  • flush fat, fluids, and toxins from your body
  • improve circulation and lymphatic drainage 
  • tone, tighten and contour the treated area

I had Sculpsure

Accelerate my Reduction! 

with Lipo-Sonic Sculpt

Take SculpSure to a whole new level!  

The powerful sound waves (acoustic wave therapy) and measured positive pressure pulses (percussion therapy) of Lipo-Sonic Sculpt serves as the perfect complement to a SculpSure procedure.  

After the SculpSure laser destroys the fat cells, the unique energy of Lipo-Sonic Sculpt works synergistically to assist your body in eliminating fat, fluid and toxins.  This speeds up and amplifies your reduction!

Recent studies  have shown that when fat reduction treatments are immediately followed by the Lipo-Sonic Sculpt technology for four consecutive weeks, the body eliminates the fat twice as fast; one study 

showed an increase in the number of inches lost in those subjects who had Lipo-Sonic Sculpt technology following a body contouring procedure.   
Discover the power of sound.
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