Sculpsure vs Coolsculpting

Fat Fighting Heavyweight Bout
And the Winner is … Sculpsure

Don’t you love the marvels of modern medicine? We can sculpt the stubborn fat from our body without surgery and without downtime. Good news and bad news: we have choices to make. The latest technology in body contouring is the Sculpsure 25-minute treatment. Coolsculpting has been around for a few years now. Find out which treatment is best (& why) as we put them both to the test and we declare a winner in ‘eight rounds.’

Round One – Comfort during the Treatment

Coolsculpting works by ‘freezing’ fat cells. The fat cells are damaged with extreme cold using a suction-based hand piece. The suction and the extreme cold temperatures can create discomfort and feel quite painful.

Sculpsure utilizes a precise laser that targets only the subcutaneous fat cell. The laser applicators lay flat against the skin and are held in place with a belt. No suction is necessary. The patient feels cycles of heating and cooling.

Winner: Sculpsure is a more comfortable treatment

Round Two – Comfort after the Treatment

After the Coolsculpting treatment, the treated area looks like a red, raised frozen stick of butter. This must be massaged and can be painful. Sometimes the pain goes away after a short time. Some patients report pain for several weeks up to several months.

After the Sculpsure treatment, the treated area is unaffected. You may simply get dressed and carry on with your day’s activities.

Winner: You’ll avoid post treatment pain with Sculpsure

Round Three – Treatment Time

One Coolsculpting treatment takes about an hour.

A Sculpsure treatment takes 25 minutes.

Winner: Sculpsure treatments are faster

Round Four – Time Commitment

The Coolsculpting hand piece allows one area to be treated at a time. Each treatment cycle takes up to one hour. If you are treating an area that is on both sides of your body like your flanks or thighs, you will need 2 treatments or up to 2 hours.

The 4 Sculpsure™ applicators are about the size of a cell phone and can be placed at up to 4 different parts of your body. You can treat opposite sides of your body during the same 25-minute treatment.

Winner: Sculpsure at 25 minutes

Round Five – Downtime

It is expected for Coolsculpting patients to experience numbness, pain, tingling and/or bruising in the treated area. Coolsculpting patients must avoid exercise after treatment.

Pain and bruising are not expected after a Sculpsure™ treatment and has no restrictions following treatment.

Winner: Sculpsure with no downtime, restrictions or recovery period

Round Six – Safety

Both have been approved by the FDA for safety.

Winner: Tie

Round Seven – Results

Coolsculpting has been shown to reduce up to 22% of the fat in the treated area. The fat cells are destroyed.

Sculpsure is shown to remove up to 24% of the fat in the treated area. The fat cells are destroyed.

Winner: Sculpsure destroys up to 24% of the fat

Round Eight – Treatable Areas

The Coolsculpting hand piece design limits the areas that can be treated.

Sculpsure has 4 separate applicators which can be placed in multiple areas of the body.

Winner: Sculpsure treats more areas on the body

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