Sculpsure kills fat cells by up to 24% in on session in San Antonio

Can You Really Kill Fat Cells?
Yes, you can really kill fat cells
Sculpsure™ explained

Can you really kill your fat cells?  Yes!  We are blessed to live in an age of rapidly developing non-surgical medical technology.  Feel free to rejoice in the news.  Beware, however, (1) not all treatments destroy fat cells and (2) of those treatments that do, there are different types of fat cell deaths and not all fat cell deaths are created equal.

Most treatments only damage fat cells; they do not destroy fat cells 

First, you need to know that most fat reduction treatments merely damage and shrink your fat cells; they do not destroy fat cells.  The results of these treatments are similar to the results of dieting and losing weight.  With these treatments, you shrink fat cells but do not permanently eliminate them.  The fat cells are still present in your body ready to expand again.  What are some of these treatments? 

Some treatments that DO NOT DESTROY FAT CELLS

  • Venus Legacy®
  • BTL Vanquish®
  • truSculpt®
  • i-Lipo®
  • Zerona®
  • Thermage®
  • Venus Freeze®
  • TriPollar®
  • Liposonix®
  • Fat Cell Death:  Natural versus Traumatic

Apoptosis is the term to describe the causation of a natural process to end the life cycle of fat cells.  Apoptosis is a natural, normal process.  Treatments causing apoptosis have been studied extensively for nearly a decade. 

Creating a traumatic fat cell death is different.  A traumatic fat cell death creates an unprogrammed cell death process.  Few studies exist proving the long-term effects of a traumatic fat cell death, a fact which patients should carefully consider.   

Sculpsure™: Permanent Fat Cell Destruction through Natural Fat Cell Death

Sculpsure™ is a surgery-free fat buster that ‘melts’ the subcutaneous fat cells (creating apoptosis) via a proprietary laser wavelength.  Sculpsure™ permanently destroys up to 24% of the fat cells in a single treatment with no pain and no downtime.  The destroyed fat cells are eliminated as waste through the body’s lymphatic system over a period of 6-12 weeks.

You Do Not Make New Fat Cells

Destroy fat cells permanently with no pain and no down time?!  The fat cells will not return, regenerate or reproduce.  It’s been studied extensively.  We are born with a certain number of fat cells which can multiply as infants, during puberty and during pregnancy, but we will not grow fat cells during any other life cycle.  The marvels of modern technology.  The trend to choose Sculpsure™ comes as no surprise.

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