Emsculpt Neo: Does Emsculpt Get Rid of Belly Fat?

We’re lucky to live in a world with many options for improving our looks and conditioning our bodies. For instance, you may have heard glowing reports from friends or coworkers about a body contouring technique known as Emsculpt. Emsculpt acts like a super-intense muscle workout. An electromagnetic device, using technology similar to that of an MRI  machine, forces your muscles to contract to their maximum capacity thousands of times, strengthening and toning slack muscles that can contribute to a drooping belly. But does Emsculpt get rid of belly fat as well? The answer is yes!

How does Emsculpt manage this amazing double-play? The answer lies in the way the body naturally responds to extreme muscle contractions. When your therapist places the Emsculpt instrument on your belly and activates the machinery, the stress of all those contractions puts the muscles on a kind of high alert. The muscles produce chemicals that tell the fat cells to dump their contents so the muscles can have access to more energy. This chemical message causes the fat cells to release a flood of fatty acids. All these free-floating fatty acids then cause the fat cells to go haywire, essentially killing them. The body can then absorb the fatty acids, process them as waste products, and eliminate them. It all happens very quickly – and very effectively.

But this direct assault on the fact cells isn’t necessarily the only way Emsculpt promotes a trimmer tummy. Keep in mind that the treatment causes you to build stronger, bigger muscles. Muscles tend to consume lots of energy, so the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism tends to be. Higher metabolism means less body fat and easier weight management.

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How Long Do Emsculpt Results Last?

On the surface, you might think that Emsculpt sounds too good to be true. Imagine a body contouring procedure in which you rest comfortably on a treatment table while your muscles contract 20,000 times, building their strength and triggering surrounding fat cells to die off. Just a few sessions of Emsculpt can give you muscle definition where you’ve never seen it before – or help you regain the definition you once enjoyed. But if you’re looking for a catch somewhere in all this wonderfulness, you may find yourself asking, “How long do Emsculpt results last?”

The answer to that question depends partly on what you do following your treatment. Emsculpt works very rapidly to give you muscle tone you might struggle for months to achieve through ordinary weight training. Once you’ve completed your four to six treatment sessions, those newly-tightened muscles and destroyed fat cells should give you a slimmer, trimmer, more muscular body for anywhere from six to twelve months. 

That result would be impressive enough, but you can stretch the good times out farther by adopting (and sticking to) a healthy lifestyle that includes regular strength training exercises and a sensible, balanced diet. In theory, this self-care regimen could allow you to maintain your new look indefinitely. But by the same token, if you never do anything to maintain your new musculature, you can expect to lose it over time. You might then need to embark on another series of Emsculpt treatments to tighten things up again. 

So in the long run, whether your Emsculpt results last for months or for years is largely up to you. But here at Sculpt Away, our San Antonio team suspects that you’ll be so delighted by your results that you’ll take the necessary steps to retain them. Contact us for more information!

How Much Does Emsculpt Cost in Texas?

One question we hear a lot here at Sculpt Away is, “How much does Emsculpt cost in Texas?” It’s a fair question, after all, since you want to know the cost of this investment in a tighter, trimmer body. So what can you expect to pay, and what factors go into calculating the final price tag?

Nationwide, the average price of an Emsculpt session is $700 to $1,000. Most people who undergo this treatment need four to six treatment sessions, but this number can vary depending on your individual challenges and goals. Even so, the national average hovers just over $3,000 for a typical multi-session treatment plan.

While we like to say that everything’s bigger in Texas, that statement doesn’t necessarily apply to the cost of body contouring techniques such as Emsculpt. The area’s overall cost of living can make an impact, of course, meaning that you’d pay more for Emscape in New York City or San Francisco than you would in San Antonio. Here in the Lone Star State, you might pay more for Emsculpt in a major city than you would in a smaller town. On the other hand, major cities sometimes have lots of competing aesthetic centers – and that competition could work in your favor price-wise.

Other factors in the cost of your Texas Emsculpt sessions will include the experience and training of the therapists as well as the kind of Emsculpt technology used. In addition to the traditional Emsculpt we offer, there’s another system called Emsculpt Neo that works the muscles even harder but costs more.

If you want the most accurate price quote for your Emsculpt treatment, schedule a visit to Sculpt Away. We’ll evaluate your condition and give you a reliable number. And you may regard the results you get as priceless!

Is Emsculpt Worth the Money?

“You get what you pay for.” How many times have you heard that maxim? How many times have you found it to be true in your own life? Of course, there are some cases where you don’t get what you pay for, or at least you don’t get the results you were expecting. When it comes to body contouring treatments like Emsculpt, you want to enjoy a reasonable return on your investment, which can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. So, is Emsculpt worth the money?

For what it’s worth, an overwhelming majority of happy clients say that it is. 84 percent of RealSelf subscribers specifically stated that they regarded Emsculpt treatment as being worth what they paid for it. It’s easy to see why when you look at Emsculpt’s success rates. Studies show that Emsculpt recipients enjoy, on average, a fat loss of 19 percent, a 16-percent boost in muscle mass, and a fivefold increase in fat metabolism. Study participants with diastasis recti (in which the abdominal muscle separates, creating a tummy bulge) reduced their muscle separation by 11 percent. If those results sound like exactly what you need, then Emsculpt is clearly worth the money in that regard.

However, some people won’t get the body of their dreams through Emsculpt. For example, if your BMI is higher than 35, even the strongest electromagnetic treatment may not penetrate the tissues deeply enough to make a profound difference. If you’re looking to remove cellulite, a different technique such as our Cellulite -Sonic Sculpt will deliver better value for your money. If you have no intention of maintaining your new body, your muscles will eventually go slack and you might regret the money you spent on Emsculpt. Contact Sculpt Away to discuss the dollars and cents of this form of treatment.

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