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Many of us would like to lose fat, especially around the middle. But you don’t have to be afraid to include fat in your diet. The fear of eating fat largely contributed to the frantic “low-fat”, “fat-free” craze of the nineties. It seemed like every other food item was labeled “fat-free!” What people didn’t realize was that low-fat food often has more sugar, which is converted to fat anyway (due to the insulin response). Does it seem like you can’t win?! Fear not! Learn to love good fats. Good fats lead to feeling great and looking great.

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats


Also called mono-or polyunsaturated

Unsaturated sources: Avocados, nuts, various oils, seafood                            

Omega-3 fat sources: Seafood, especially cold water fish

Helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins

Healthy skin, eyes, & brain                                            

Helps lower cholesterol                                                   

Reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, & stroke        

Improves immune system                                             

More energy                                                                       


Also called trans or saturated

Trans sources: Man-made, synthetic foods like margarine

Saturated fat sourcesFried food, butter, fatty meats, etc.

Helps clog arteries

Unhealthy heart, linked to cancers

Raises cholesterol

Increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, & stroke        

Sluggish body systems                          

Energy zapper



  • The American Heart Association recommends that good fats make up 15-25% of our daily calories.

  • Lean toward lean – meat and dairy that is. And enjoy fruits, veggies, legumes, & whole grains.

  • A food label can legally state that there are zero trans fats present, but there may actually be up to a half of a gram!

  • Fat is 9 calories per gram

  • Processed foods contain trans fats by design as they increase shelf life. This processing can even turn an unsaturated fat into a saturated one!

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