How to Control Your Weight as You Age

Beautiful woman smiling with diet and nutrition words on the background
Beautiful woman smiling with diet and nutrition words on the background

Controlling your weight as you age can be a challenge. Ever wonder why it’s easier to gain weight in your 30’s & 40’s & on up?   And why it’s even harder to look the same even when you are close to the same weight?  Two important reasons:

  • You burn less calories as you age. That’s right, your burn 150 fewer calories each day starting in your 20’s and increasing each decade.  So those pounds can really creep up on you ; and
  • Your body makeup starts to shift – more fat, less muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest. Unless you work really hard at building muscle, you lose more muscle each decade.

The aging process changes your body.  Your metabolism slows down.  If you are eating exactly the same as before, you may gain weight.  Your muscle mass declines which slows your metabolism even more.

How to control your weight as you age:

  • Build muscle & keep muscle. Save as much muscle mass as possible with strength training exercises.  There are many choices, such as hand-held weights, resistance straps, yoga poses, Pilates and more.
  • Food matters. And the quality of food matters.  Each fresh, non-processed foods.  Choose high quality, lean protein.  Avoid fast food.  Watch your calories but beware of reducing your calories too drastically.  Consult a weight loss expert, like the Sculpt Away body shaping experts, for guidance.
  • Meet your nutritional needs. It is difficult to consume all the nutrients our body needs, especially when you are counting calories.  We recommend you add high quality comprehensive supplement to maintain your health and your beauty.  We recommend Sculpt Away Nutraceutical Daily Pack because the packs contain vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, micronutrients and essential fatty acids (fish oil).
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