Cellulite Dimple Detection & Savvy Solutions For San Antonio Area Women

Cellulite Treatment Options In San Antonio

Cellulite, orange peel, cottage cheese, lumpy, bumpy, dimply, craters, a condition worthy of many names.  Have you resigned yourself to accepting that there is no way to treat cellulite?  Have you accepted the fact that you can no longer wear shorts in public?  Do you avoid mirrors at all costs?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

Let’s start with the reason you have cellulite.  The top two reasons are (1) estrogen and (2) genetics.  Estrogen makes women’s bodily tissue, skin & blood vessels (thinner & weaker) inferior to that of men.  And if your mother (genetics) had cellulite, you are more likely to suffer from it.

You didn’t read the F word, did you?  The F word we are talking about is fat.  Some fat is supposed to lie under your dermis (skin).  When your dermis & blood vessels are damaged, whether by the aging process, the sun, poor nutrition, inactivity, yoyo dieting, dehydration or hormonal changes, the fat underneath the dermis moves into the dermis and becomes visible.  When the fat cells move, they become damaged.  Hardened, rigid connective tissue surrounds the fat cells making little pockets of fat.  The rigid connective tissue pockets begin to squeeze the fat cells (now in the dermis) up and to the sides.  This produces the rough, bumpy appearance typical of cellulite.  Cellulite is not a fat problem; it is a condition involving the skin & connective tissue, the blood vessels and fat.

Heard enough of the lumpy facts?  Ready for a solution?

Cellulite requires multiple solutions to address each of its causes.  Choose from:

  • Massage – a firm massage to the area improves blood flow, rids excess fluids trapped within the pockets, making dimples less noticeable.  We recommend using the Cellu C massage cup with Lipo-Sculpt Slimming Gel and to follow with Cellu-Sculpt Firm + Repair;
  • Photomology – combines vacuum and massage (to break down the fibrous pockets) with two laser frequencies (to melt fat).  A program of 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks is recommended.  Maintain results with daily cup massage at home.
  • Cellu-Sculpt RF – radiofrequency heat energy melts fat cells, smooths fibrous pockets and tightens the skin. A program of weekly treatments for 10 weeks combined with daily cup massage at home is recommended.
  • Cellu-Light Sculpt – cupping massage with Lipo-Sculpt Slimming Gel and Cellu-Sculpt Firm + Repair combined with low level laser to break pockets, break loose fat cells and repair & strengthen the skin. A program of 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks, followed by one time per week for 2 weeks is recommended.  Maintain results with daily cup massage at home.
  • Supplements – Without vital nutrients, cellulite will get worse. Since it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need in our diet, we must supplement.  We recommend Nutraceutical Daily Pack, which includes vitamins, minerals, fish oil, calcium and supplements for healthy weight, skin, hair & nails, as well as phytonutrients (benefits of juicing).
  • Weight Loss – Even skinny girls have cellulite but if you are overweight, the extra weight makes it more visible. Select from one of the Sculpt Away customized diet plans to reduce your body fat.
  • Self-Tanners – Cellulite is less noticeable on darker skin. Self-tanning lotions improve the appearance of cellulite.

San Antonio area ladies, when you are ready to combat cellulite, contact Sculpt Away body shaping + beauty lounge.  We’re experts in body shaping with proven short cuts to your ideal body.   Call 210-227-3051 or visit www.SculptAway.com

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