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Warmsculpting or Coolsculpting

Defrosting the Ice Queen:  A True Fable

Once upon a time not so long ago, women were searching for happiness and satisfaction ‘in their own skin.’ These women were strong, happy and beautiful, but longed for just one thing, a fast and easy way to sculpt their bodies.

Is it not too much to ask,’ they would say, “to get rid of this unwanted fat and without going under the knife (or lipo-cannula) in this modern medical age in which we live?”

Victoria, the heroine of our story, heard of two queens who had the power to grant this popular wish of getting rid of unwanted fat without surgery. She knew of the Ice Queen who had been around for a while and was said to have freezing powers over fat. And she had recently heard of a new queen, the Hot Queen, who was said to have the power to melt away the fat. One day she set out on a journey to find these two queens.

Victoria, being a smart lady, did her research first, and found the directions to the land of the body shaping experts, the kingdom of Sculpt Away. She would find the two queens there, she thought.

When she opened the door to Sculpt Away, she was amazed to find a wonderful place to indulge and socialize, a fresh and unique fusion of medical beauty and inspired lounge. She knew she would find the two queens here. And she knew she had reached the place to have her wish granted – a fast and easy way to sculpt her body.

She felt so comfortable and just wanted to sit and enjoy a Puretini™, but she continued with her quest. “I have heard of two queens, one of ice and the other of heat,” she asked, “are they here?” The ladies at Sculpt Away answered, “why yes, of course, all secrets to body shaping reside here.”

At that very moment, the two queens appeared.

The Ice Queen, appearing older than the Hot Queen, approached first. “Hello my pretty,” she said, “do you have some fat you want me to freeze?” “It won’t hurt – MUCH,” she said with a wicked grin. “You may hurt during the hour-long treatment and you may also experience pain afterwards for a long time and you might even develop freeze-induced burns and numbness, but ‘no pain no gain,’ right?!” “Oh, and don’t worry that your skin will look like a frozen stick of red and blue butter after your treatment. We will work that out with a painful massage.” Victoria gulped and said, “I was looking for something fast and easy. That sure doesn’t sound very easy and an hour isn’t exactly quick.” The Ice Queen quipped, “Oh my pretty, you don’t quite get it. An hour treatment may not do the trick. If you want to treat both of your hips or thighs; that takes two hour-long treatments.” “Oh, and did I mention that there is a slight risk that my freezing technology can actually make you grow more fat cells?” “You know I’ve been around since 2010. I offer the old technology, Coolsculpting®.”

Victoria felt so discouraged and had lost nearly all hope of finding fast and easy body sculpting when the Hot Queen spoke. “Welcome to Sculpt Away, Victoria,” she said with a sincere, warm smile. “I am so glad you are here. Thank you for coming. I have the solutions you have been seeking.” Victoria, now feeling so comfortable and welcome said, “Hot Queen, is it true? Can I really shape, slim and sculpt my body fast and easy?” The Hot Queen replied, “I have the solutions for you. You can lose up to 24% of your unwanted fat with a 25-minute treatment with no pain during or after the treatment. I am the newest, cutting-edge medical technology, Sculpsure®.” Victoria was elated! That was the reason for which she made the journey to Sculpt Away, she thought. The Hot Queen said, “Victoria, at Sculpt Away we have customized body shaping plans for hundreds of women. Those women have sent their friends and family to us for the same. We can do that for you too.”

Our heroine, Victoria, returned to her home and told the women about the kingdom of Sculpt Away, the land of fast and easy body sculpting. She was ‘victorious’ in her quest. Pun intended.

On a serious note:

If you want to learn more about Sculpsure® or other non-surgical fat reduction treatments, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051 or visit www.SculptAway.com.

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