Is getting a Second Sculpsure® Treatment Right for You?

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Want to trim some inches and reclaim your waistline?

You’ve probably heard about Sculpsure® 25-minute fat reduction. You may have some questions. One of the most common questions we get asked: “Will I be happy after one treatment or will I want a second treatment to get to where I want to be?” Here’s some guidance.


How Sculpsure® Works

Let’s start with a review of how Sculpsure® works. Sculpsure® employs a proprietary diode laser wavelength that targets the subcutaneous fat, and only the subcutaneous fat. The targeted laser does not effect the surrounding tissues, like the skin, the blood vessels, the muscles, the internal organs, etc.

This unique laser wavelength creates a process in the fat cells called apoptosis. Apoptosis is the medical term to describe a targeted, programmed fat cell death. After the fat cells die, the body’s lymphatic system removes them from the body over a period of time.

Published clinical studies reveal one Sculpsure® treatment results in up to a 24% reduction of fat in the treated area.

How Sculpsure® is Different From Other “Laser Fat Reduction” Devices?

Your selection of body contouring treatments is crucial. Make sure you know how the treatment works.

Remember that the Sculpsure® device causes a fat cell death, in other words, permanent loss of the fat cell. Other non-invasive fat reduction treatments, even if they are referred to as a laser fat reduction treatment, work by causing damage to the fat cell membrane, and causing the lipid contents to leak into surrounding tissues. The result? The fat cell remains. If you’re not dieting, once fat is leaked out, your body can store it again.

After the Sculpsure® Treatment, Will I Grow or Create New Fat Cells?

As a female, we produce new fat cells only three times in our life. (1) as an infant; (2) during puberty; and (3) during pregnancies. Reduce that number to two times in your life if you’re male. So as long as you have passed these benchmarks, you do not produce more fat cells.

Tell Me About The Sculpsure® Treatment Experience

The Sculpsure® applicators fit into plastic frames which are belted to you body.

During the treatment, you’ll feel waves of cooling followed by waves of heating for 25 minutes. That’s right. The treatment takes only 25 minutes.

The treatment is quite tolerable. Many patients check emails and scroll social media during treatment.

How do You Know if a 2nd Sculpsure® Treatment is Right for You?

A Second Sculpsure® Treatment

Clinical studies show a Sculpsure® treatment reduces up to 24% of the fat in the treated area. These were all first treatments. We know of no published studies to show the figures on the percentage of fat reduced in the second treatment, but it follows that the same percentage rate applies.

Remember, the first treatment delivered fat reduction, so less fat remains to be treated in a second treatment. For this reason, results from second Sculpsure® treatments may seem less dramatic. That being said, our patients choosing to undergo second treatments report a high level of satisfaction with their body contouring and with their decision to have the second treatment.

We are All Unique, Have Different Concerns and Different Goals

We all share in the common desire to look our best. We all have at least one thing about our body that we would like to improve. After that, our desires vary greatly. Regarding unwanted fat, some of us want to ‘trim just a bit,’ while others want ‘a complete overhaul,’ and then there’s the ‘everywhere in between.’

How Much Do You Want to Reduce?

Amount of Fat

When it comes to unwanted fat, what you start with matters. How large is the area(s) you want to reduce? How much fat is located in that area? Do you want to reduce multiple areas?

Your Goals

Then there’s your goals. Will you be happy with trimming a few inches? Do you want to get back into your size 10’s? Do you need to look awesome in your bikini for a trip to Mexico? Or are you looking to totally transform your shape?

Have you been able to lose it on your own?

You want to lose more or contour more. Have you been able to lose the extra inches before? If you have, you may decide to try it on your own.

Or not? Sometimes no matter how much you diet and exercise, you have areas that just don’t respond. You may want to have a second treatment.

A Second Sculpsure® Treatment – It’s Your Choice

When you have an Assessment with a provider, your provider should not only assess your condition, but should learn about your past efforts. Your provider needs to know what worked and what did not work in the past. Be as specific as possible with your provider about your goals. Do you have an expectation of a certain inch loss or a certain change in your body?

You may be completely satisfied with your outcome after your initial Sculpsure® treatment. Or you may choose to retreat. About 30% of our Sculpsure® patients at Sculpt Away choose to retreat with a second Sculpsure® treatment. Some retreat at 6 weeks and others at 12 weeks. A few others wait a few months after their initial treatment to retreat. It’s their choice.

Experience and Expertise Matter

Sculpt Away specializes in non-invasive body contouring and has deep roots in the community, since 2006. Using Sculpsure® since 2015, Sculpt Away serves as a Center of Excellence, training other providers in the use of Sculpsure®.

We are aware of several providers who do not allow patients to undergo one Sculpsure® treatment; instead they require patients to pre-purchase two Sculpsure treatments. We do not agree with this practice. In our experience, many patients are satisfied after one treatment. Though we may advise individual patients of the likelihood she will want a second treatment, we allow our patients to make the decision to undergo a second Sculpsure® treatment when they see their bodies after the first treatment.

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