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So much buzz around non-invasive fat loss treatments. So many options with ‘oh-so-many’ promises. What can you believe?

Fat Loss Treatments: The Truth that Most Providers Don’t Want You to Know.

Many claim to offer non-invasive “alternatives to liposuction.” Liposuction removes fat cells. So when you’re looking for a liposuction alternative, you’re looking for a treatment that destroys fat cells.

The truth. Only two non-invasive liposuction alternatives exist.

The only non-invasive treatments causing permanent fat loss are

Coolsculpting® and Sculpsure®.

Sculpsure® is the most advanced technology, and in our opinion the superior technology. It was cleared by the FDA for permanent fat loss in 2015.

Coolsculpting® is older technology; it’s been around since 2010 and was cleared by the FDA for permanent fat loss.

Despite claims made, any and all other non-invasive fat loss treatment options, at best, merely lead to a shrinkage of the fat cell. These are results you can achieve by losing weight.

Is it a Permanent Fat Loss Solution?

If it’s not Sculpsure® or Coolsculpting®, it’s not ridding your body of unwanted fat; it’s a treatment that leads to fat cell shrinkage.

FDA Clearance for what?

These non-permanent fat reduction treatments may be cleared by the FDA for “circumferential reduction.” In other words, they can lead to the reduction in measurements in the treated area due to the shrinkage of the fat cell. They are not cleared for fat destruction or permanent fat cell loss. Studies show they do not have good long term results.

3 Things You Need to Know about Non-Permanent Fat Loss Treatments

1. Non-permanent fat reduction treatments shrink the fat cells by damaging the fat cell membranes. When damaged, lipids (fats) are released from the fat cell and into your system. Your body can reabsorb the fat.

2. With Non-permanent fat reduction treatments, you must adhere to a strict diet and exercise to prevent your body from reabsorbing the fats released from the fat cells.

3. Reducing circumference with Non-Permanent fat reduction treatments is a lengthy process. Count on multiple treatments to accomplish your goals – at least 6-8 treatments.

Remember These Names

Below are some non-permanent fat loss treatments & technologies you may know.


Lipo Laser


Modern Lipo

Ultrasonic Waves



Rx Lipo


Who can you trust?

Avoid the urge to price-shop. Shop instead based upon quality of care, level of expertise, a record of good results and evidence of multiple satisfied patients.

Seek advice and treatment from a practice you know something about. Look at reviews on Google, FaceBook and RealSelf for insight about the practice. Who are the physicians leading the practice? Learn the credentials of who will be performing the treatment. Choose a practice with local roots in the community, a good reputation and a good record of results.

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