Liquid Facelift

If you are past your mid-thirties, likely you have noticed a few fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and fat deposits in your face and neck.  As we age, the face and neck lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which contributes to changes in our facial features, jawline and neck profile.  The loss of these substances leads to wrinkles, lines, folds, sagging and sometimes fat accumulation.  You want to do something about it, but you don’t want to end up looking like Joan Rivers!


A surgical facelift or other surgical procedure is not your only option.  You may like the idea of a liquid facelift better.  A liquid facelift is a technique combining several treatments.

The liquid facelift technique involves injecting

  1. dermal fillers to lift & contour facial features +
  2. neuromodulators to correct wrinkles +
  3. fat dissolvers to contour the jawline and minimize a double chin.


Many people choose a liquid facelift for various reasons, such as

  1. To provide a gentle lift of individual (or overall) facial & neck features;
  2. To minimize wrinkles, creases, lines, folds;
  3. To restore natural, curved facial contours;
  4. To provide a more rested, energetic look;
  5. To provide a friendlier smile;
  6. To lift jowls;
  7. To restore the natural shape of flattened cheeks or temple;
  8. To be the best possible version of oneself.


The results of a liquid facelift can be subtle to astonishing and typically will last 1-2 years.  But as with all medical treatments, a liquid facelift involves both a financial commitment and a lifestyle commitment.  Let’s first address the financial commitment.


How to Keep Your Costs Down

Maintain Results with Routine Touch-up Treatments

First, be happy to know that hyaluronic acid dermal fillers stimulate your body to produce its own new and improved collagen.  This means that your body will do a better job at fighting the aging process.  Routine touch-ups create a cumulative effect causing your body to continue to “act younger.”  And you cannot neglect your skin.  Proper skin care, together with regular treatments, help tame the facial wrinkles and in many instances completely eliminate them.

Your Results last longer if you don’t make ‘Cost’ your only Decision Point

If you are a shopper, you need to know that price variance can be deceiving.  Properly trained and experienced injectors know how to use the right mix of products and use advanced injection techniques and correct placement.  The skill of the injector can have a significant impact on your results and on the amount of product needed for touch-ups to maintain results.


You must also commit to changes in your lifestyle.

How to Extend Results

Professional Grade Skin Care Products

Many OTC skin care products claim to provide therapeutic benefits but only professional grade products provide your skin with age-defying clinical benefits. This includes the ultra-pricey products carried at high-end department stores.  If you invest in injections, you want your results to last as long as possible.  Follow the advice given to you by your injector.

Follow Post Treatment Instructions

You should follow all of your post (and pre) treatment instructions.

Invest in Routine Touch-ups

The biggest mistake many people make is not returning for follow up visits and touch-up treatments to save money.  For enduring results, money spend in early follow up will produce savings over a lifetime.

Select an Experienced and Highly Trained Injector

Spend your efforts in selecting the right injector, rather than price shopping.  The lowest price is, more often than not, the best value when you’re making medical care decisions.

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