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30day Fat Burning Diet Program:  Lose Weight, Secrets of Ketosis


Listen to the sweet sounds.  The birds are singing.  The lawn mower motors are rumbling.  Children are outside playing and squealing with delight.   Are you smiling?  Maybe not.  You may just feel stressed because you added pounds like a hibernating bear over the winter and these changes mean it’s time for shorts and halter tops.

30day Physician-Designed Fat Burning Diet Program

Fear not.  Take action now.  You can lose more than 10 pounds in 30 days with an effective (& healthy) combination of high fiber, lean protein and healthy carbs.  You can follow this diet without counting calories, counting carbs or counting points.  It’s heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly and easy.


30day Diet Program – Phase One

Here’s the scoop on this 3-step 30day physician-designed fat burning diet program.  The first phase will jump-start your weight loss.  You should lose 8-13 pounds over the first two weeks.  Most of what you shed will be from your mid-section.  During this time, your blood sugar levels will stabilize and you will eliminate your cravings for sugary foods and refined starches.  You will do this with a good balance of nutrient-dense naked foods.  These naked foods are foods that are unprocessed, foods in their natural state, free from additives.  These naked foods include healthy carbs, lean protein and healthy fats because your body needs all three of these nutrients to thrive.  The plan determines what carbs are healthy using the glycemic index and glycemic load index.  Healthy fats include monounsaturated fats such as in olive oil and almonds. Lean proteins include lean cuts of meats and low fat cheeses.


30day Diet Program – Phase Two

You can move on to the second phase of the 30day fat burning diet program after completing two weeks of the first phase, but you may stay on the first phase safely for up to six weeks.  During this phase, you will gradually introduce other nutritious foods like fruits, whole grains and additional vegetables.  You will continue a steady weight loss during this phase, though not as rapid a loss as in the first phase.  This phase can last as long as it takes for you to reach your weight loss goal.


30day Diet Program – Phase Three

Finally, the third phase of this fat burning diet program is maintaining your weight loss for life.  At this point, you will understand how to make good food choices.  You will eat all foods in moderation but when you are getting off track, you will know what to do.  You will know how to continue your healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.



30day Diet Program – Ketosis – YES; Classic Ketogenic Diet – NO

The 30day physician-designed fat burning diet program produces a state of ketosis but it is not a classic Ketogenic diet.  Being in a state of ketosis means that your body is breaking down your body fat to burn for normal, everyday energy, rather than glucose.  Ketones are by-products of lipid metabolism.  You “spill” ketones in your urine when you are burning fat for energy.  You can check this yourself with “urine ketosticks,” which are available at drug stores. Ketosis means your lipid (fat) energy metabolism is running on high because it cannot rely on regular loads of glucose for energy.  And once in a state of ketosis, your body prefers ketones over glucose for energy.


Ketosis also occurs with classic ketogenic diets.  A classic ketogenic diet is a high-protein and high fat diet with a severe carb restriction, sometimes as low as 20 grams per day.  The most well-known classic ketogenic diet is the Atkins Diet.  Because these diets allow almost no carbohydrates, classic ketogenic diets are considered unhealthy and nutritionally unbalanced.  Luckily, we can produce a state of ketosis without risking our health.


What does Ketosis feel like?

A diet program does not need severe carbohydrate restriction to produce ketosis.  Any diet program that causes your body to burn fat for energy is arguably a ketogenic diet.  During the first week or two of our 30day fat burning diet program, your body will go through a “metabolic shift,” referred to as “keto flu.”  You may or may not experience slight nausea, headache, mental fatigue or dizziness.  After your body gets used to manufacturing ketones as an energy by-product, you will actually feel better and have more energy than before starting the diet program.


30day Diet Program – No Catabolism (Muscle Wasting)

Every reduced calorie diet causes the body to break down muscle for energy and cause you to lose muscle.  You will not lose muscle with the 30day Diet Program as it is not a low calorie diet.  Instead, you are in a state of ketosis.  When in the state of ketosis, your brain will prefer ketones over glucose for energy.  Your body will not have to break down protein (muscle) for energy.

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