Sculpt Away #2 A “ Workout” with a Capsule

Sculpt Away’s Green Tea Concentrate

You’ve heard about the health benefits of green tea by now.  We recommend you use green tea for weight loss and fat burning.  

Take just one Sculpt Away Green Tea Concentrate capsule each morning with a high protein breakfast.  Get the powerful 3-in-1 actions from the catechins in green tea:  

  1. Burn more calories, even at rest.*
  2. Break down fat easier and faster.*
  3. Help your body detoxify.*

*Studies that show green tea’s promotion of weight loss, inch loss and detoxifying benefits are based on the use of green tea supplements because it is difficult to obtain the same benefits from consuming green tea drinks alone.  Sculpt Away offers Green Tea Concentrate. Each capsule provides the recommended amount of green tea needed for weight loss, fat breakdown and detoxification. You would have to consume 5 – 10 cups of green tea daily to get this amount.  

Boost your metabolism to lose weight

In a study of overweight participants, those taking green tea supplements burned up to 183 additional calories a day as opposed to those participants not taking the supplements.  Those taking green tea supplements also lost an additional 7.3 pounds during a three month period.

Studies done showing green tea’s effects on metabolism are based on supplements, not the drinks.  

Break down more fat – especially belly fat

Studies show green tea supplements lead to a breakdown of fats in your body.  This highest percentage of fat loss from green tea supplements is seen in the abdomen.   

Detoxify your body to lose inches

The powerful antioxidants in green tea supplements help support your liver in the detoxification process.  Detoxification leads to elimination of excess fluids, toxins and fats which leads to inch loss.

Go for it!  3-in-1 benefits.  Each morning, “workout” by taking a Green Tea Concentrate capsule.   

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