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Diet and Exercise Often Not Enough, Experts Say

Are you tired of being told that all you have to do to lose weight and unwanted fat is to diet and exercise? “Just eat less and exercise more,” they say. You know from experience that this often is not the answer. A growing body of research finds that simply dieting and exercising are not enough to lose the fat and keep it off.

A clinical study published in 2015 argues the point that unwanted fat has much to do with underlying biological causes that diet and exercise simply cannot change. So after you have worked so hard with diet and exercise for weeks or even months, and you still just can’t get the fat off your midsection, now you know why!

We need to change the way we think about unwanted fat. Many experts in the field are doing just that. In recent years, the availability of medical treatments for unwanted fat has expanded to include some easier, non-surgical, safe options. These treatments may or may not be combined with some change in diet or lifestyle.

If you want a treatment that does NOT require a change in your diet, you’ve just hit the jackpot with the recent development of ground breaking medical technology. In mid-2015, the FDA approved Sculpsure™ for fat reduction. The treatment is non-surgical and involves absolutely no downtime. It takes only one 25-minute treatment to reduce up to 24% of the fat in the treated area. The Sculpsure™ treatment causes a natural fat cell death. Your body eliminates these dead fat cells through a natural process via your lymphatic system. These fat cells are gone from your body for good…and so is your midsection.

Another good medical treatment for unwanted fat utilizes radiofrequency energy. This treatment, Lipo-Sculpt RF™, causes fat loss by damaging the fat cell membrane and shrinking some fat cells, while destroying others. Radiofrequency energy has the capability of penetrating up to 4 inches deep and will reduce visceral fat (fat around your internal organs) along with subcutaneous (‘pinchable’) fat. You will need to adjust your diet during the radiofrequency treatments.

We encourage everyone to incorporate exercise, quality sleep and a nutritious diet in their busy life, in other words, we promote healthy lifestyles. But we know that living a healthy lifestyle does not always lead to the body we desire. Many experts are listening to and researching what you have been saying for years.

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