Soft, Kissable Lips

Sculpt Away is San Antonio’s body expert and lips are part of your body! We all want beautiful lips and here are some ways to get those lips Valentine’s Day perfect!

The key to having beautiful lips is having healthy lips. And the key to health is proper nutrition. Here at Sculpt Away, we have the ultimate nutrition plan along with a variety of treatments and supplements to help your body achieve optimal health (and ideal weight). Water intake is also important. A general rule for intake is half of your body’s weight in ounces. Also, if you are prone to fever blisters try to avoid your triggers. Triggers include stress, illness, chapped lips, diet, even orange juice.

Most of us are exfoliating our skin, but are you exfoliating your lips? Our Luscious Lip Facial is the perfect solution for lips in need of a little TLC. This can be done as a stand-alone treatment or added to any of our spa services to exfoliate and hydrate. It’s just what lips are craving!

Daily moisture and protection are essential for lip care. Our Image Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex does both. It feels great on, not heavy or sticky. Plus it gives a plumping benefit to smooth out lines. And speaking of lines, don’t forget to limit sun exposure as it’s just as bad for your lips as it is for the rest of your body.

Lip shrinkage begins in our 20’s and accelerates in our 30’s. Some of us consider injectable lip plumping options, but fear looking overfull or fake. At Sculpt Away, we take special care to understand the goal of each individual patient,because your happiness is our top priority. You can have a youthful lip without being “obvious”. A subtle change can be just enough, especially when it comes to smoothing out the lines around the lips. And this can alleviate the frustration of your lipstick “bleeding”. So if you have been curious about dermal filler, we’d love to talk to you about it!

This Valentine’s Day, whether it’s just good hydration or the full-service, red carpet treatment for your pretty pucker, Sculpt Away has got you covered! Stay kissable my friends!

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