Sculpsure® Laser vs Zerona® Laser Beware: Different Lasers, Different Outcomes in San Antonio

Lipo Laser, Laser Fat Removal, Zerona® Laser, Sculpsure® Laser, Laser Lipo. Confused about laser fat reduction? If not, you should be. These devices, treatments and their results, vary greatly.


Lipo Laser and Laser Lipo

Some facilities use the terms, ‘Lipo Laser’ and ‘Laser Lipo,’ to describe either

(1) invasive laser-assisted liposuction or

(2) some type of non-invasive laser-based treatment for fat reduction.

Neither term, lipo laser or laser lipo, represents a specific laser manufacturer or a specific FDA-cleared device, but just a term used by the particular facility. That’s confusing! No further discussion.


Sculpsure® and Zerona®

Lasers in cosmetic medicine abound. At last count, medical professionals utilize more than 8 different types of lasers for various medical therapies, though a multitude of name-brand lasers can be found. However, only two laser-based FDA-cleared fat reduction laser devices exist, Sculpsure® and Zerona®.

**Caution: these two devices differ greatly.**


5 Important Differences between Sculpsure® and Zerona®



  • Different Types of Lasers

Sculpsure® and Zerona® employ two completely different types of lasers.

Sculpsure® utilizes a targeted, proprietary diode-based laser wavelength.Zerona® utilizes a generalized, cold laser (LED or low level laser).


  • Permanent Fat Cell Death vs Fat Cell Membrane Damage

Treatment from the two devices result in different outcomes.

Sculpsure® causes apoptosis, fat cell death, permanent fat cell destruction in up to 24% of the subcutaneous fat cells in the treated area. The destroyed fat cells will not regenerate.

Zerona® shrinks fat cells; causes fat cell membrane damage, resulting in the escape of lipids from the fat cell into the interstitial space (tissue). Fat can be reabsorbed during the course of treatment if a strict diet is not followed. Patients can ‘refill’ fat cell and increase size in the treated area with weight gain.



  • Treatment Time: one 25-Minute Treatment vs six 40-Minute Treatments

The two treatment options: One visit or 6 visits.

Just one Sculpsure® treatment, a one-treatment protocol, takes only 25-minutes.

Zerona® requires a 6-treatment protocol, a strict schedule of 3 treatments per week for 2 weeks. Patients are warned not to allow more than 48 hours between treatments.



  • FDA Clearance: Permanent Fat Loss vs Circumferential Reduction

Both devices are FDA-cleared, but for different indications.

The FDA cleared Sculpsure® for permanent fat loss.

The FDA cleared Zerona® for circumferential reduction, no permanence.



  • Treatment Instructions and Restrictions

The two treatments vary drastically in instructions and restrictions.

The Sculpsure® laser destroys fat cells without regard to the patient’s lifestyle, although patients are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle. Dieting is not necessary. Patients are encouraged to increase water consumption.

Zerona® requires patients to severely restrict calories, avoid alcohol and caffeine, add Niacin supplements, increase water consumption and adhere to a strict treatment schedule.



The bottom line. Zerona®’s function is simply to shrink fat cells. As a result, the risk of stubborn fat returning is not eliminated as it is with Sculpsure®, which eliminates fat cells altogether.

Charlotte Hilton Anderson, a writer for Shape Magazine, wrote of Zerona®

“Back when I first reported on laser weight loss, I tried the Zerona myself and was cautiously optimistic. I didn’t lose much — just 1/2 inch off each thigh — but I did feel a little firmer and sleeker. In the several years since then, however, I’ve gained that back and more despite my weight remaining relatively constant and continuing to exercise. Worse, the shape of my thighs has changed, with more fat deposits in the exact areas the Zerona targeted. It may just be a side effect of getting older (sigh) but part of me wonders if the laser lipo treatment hurt more than it helped. Either way, I wouldn’t do it again.”


Compare to Kyle Richards’, star of Housewives of Beverly Hills, account of Sculpsure®


“SculpSure was so easy, I was so happy that it was completely painless! I am such a wimp with pain and I really didn’t feel a thing!” Richards enthused.

“The new light-based body contouring treatment uses laser-based technology to selectively target and destroy fat cells without affecting the skin’s surface, requiring no surgery or downtime. With results that can be seen in as quickly as six weeks, it’s no wonder that non-surgical fat-reduction procedures are increasing in popularity. Richards was so impressed with the results, she actually underwent two treatments to blast away unwanted fat: “Like every woman, I have parts of my body that I’m a little self-conscious about. After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, those love handles wouldn’t go away!” (


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