The Surprising Reason Your Waistline is Growing

The Sleep Weight Connection

We’ve long known of the ‘Sleep Weight Connection.’ Too little sleep leads to too much weight. Lack of sleep slows the metabolism, causes cravings and drives us to eat too much at night.

Let’s be frank. With your crazy schedule during the week, you probably don’t get enough sleep. Do you have a plan? Maybe…catch up during the weekend and problem solved. Nope!! Problem worse!!! A new study suggests that catching up with missed sleep during the weekend does not reverse the metabolism problems caused by too little sleep during the week. In fact, it makes matters worse.

Catching up with missed sleep on the weekend leads to even more weight gain

Researchers found that those subjects who were allowed 5 hours of sleep each night during the week, then allowed to sleep as much as they wanted on weekends, did not recover from the lack of sleep during the week. The study found these subjects ate more at night, had blood sugar regulation problems which lead to cravings, and gained weight – just as the group who slept 5 hours a week and were not allowed to “make it up.”

But the surprising finding was the group of subjects who slept in over the weekends had even more blood sugar regulation impairment causing them to crave sugary and fatty foods than the group who did not make up the sleep. The researchers found the body ‘remembered’ the adverse effects of sleep loss despite getting a couple of good nights sleep here and there. And that memory was long term.

Adequate sleep helps to keep weight under control

The lesson learned? You must consistently get sufficient sleep. Generally speaking, experts recommend that adults get 7 or more hours of sleep each night. If you don’t get this number of hours each night, you’re not alone. Studies show that more than one-third of American adults fall short.

Regularity and timing of your sleep impacts your metabolism and your weight. Since real life can get in the way of optimal sleep, you should take every step to get adequate sleep.

Tips to Optimal and Sufficient Sleep

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the sleep you need to avoid gaining weight.

  • Keep a normal routine
  • Go to bed about the same time each night
  • Get up about the same time each morning
  • Avoid computer or phone screens prior to bedtime
  • The blue lights can disrupt your internal clock
  • Select the right mattress
  • Firm enough to support your back and sleep position
  • Soft enough to fit the shape of your body
  • Choose the right pillow
  • The bad one robs you of sleep and may even cause pain
  • The good one keeps its shape and supports your sleep position keeping your head aligned with your body
  • Pick the right sheets
  • Look for cotton or linen with a 200-400 thread count
  • Need to be soft and breathable
  • Wash your sheets often
  • The smell of clean, fresh sheets helps you sleep better
  • Make your bed
  • It’s scientifically proven! Making your bed in the morning leads to better sleep at night
  • White noise
  • Consistent noises mask sounds that could wake you
  • Try a fan or use a phone app
  • Sleep supplement
  • Try a supplement made from natural ingredients that promotes sleep
  • Better yet, use a supplement that promotes sleep + burns fat while you sleep
  • Slender Sleep* – provides the dual benefits of a deep, restful sleep while promoting increased fat burning during your sleep. Packed with six powerful fat-burners and a natural sleep inducer, Slender Sleep helps you lose weight effortlessly.
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