Coolsculpting vs SculpSure

Coolsculpting vs Sculpsure
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Top 7 Reasons to Choose SculpSure over Coolsculpting

Non-invasive body shaping procedures have become easy and affordable for most of us in San Antonio.  Once you’ve resolved to free yourself of excess fat and determined that you don’t want to undergo an expensive, invasive surgical procedure like liposuction, you still have decisions to make.

How do you know which fat-reduction procedure is the best option?  Let us help.  At Sculpt Away body shaping + beauty lounge, our body contouring experts choose the superior technology of SculpSure treatments over Coolsculpting every time and we give you the top 7 reasons why

1. Ability to Treat Multiple Areas in One Treatment

SculpSure can treat multiple areas – up to 4 – at the same time.

Coolsculpting can target only one area per treatment.

2. Treatment Times Take Less than Half the Time

SculpSure treatments take only 25 minutes;

A standard Coolsculpting treatment session takes one hour

3. No Suction Necessary

 SculpSure utilizes a comfortable, flat applicator(s);

Coolsculpting applicators use suction to pull & keep the area up into the applicator which can be painful.

4. Only ONE 25-Minute Treatment Needed

SculpSure has the ability to reach the desired result in just one treatment;

Some patients get similar results with Coolsculpting but many require two or three treatment sessions.

5. No Pain, Numbness or Bruising

SculpSure patients have not reported pain or discomfort following treatment;

Many Coolsculpting patients have reported numbness, pain and bruising lasting for several weeks after treatment.

6. Superior Laser Technology vs Low Tech Freezing

SculpSure uses laser technology to heat the fat cells, releasing them from tissue to be naturally eliminated by the body.  The treatment is described as a soothing, warming sensation and does not damage the tissue or the nerves;

Coolsculpting uses a process to freeze fat cells.  Entire suctioned area exposed to the cold.  Frostbite can result in long term nerve damage and pain.

7. Lower Cost + Increased Efficiency

With SculpSure, 4 applicators may be used in one 25-minute treatment (which can typically treat an entire abdomen);

One applicator for a one-hour treatment is used with Coolsculpting and 2-4 applicators are needed for an abdomen.

Watch this video for a side by side comparison: SculpSure: The ice age is over

SculpSure is a breakthrough in non-surgical fat reduction treatments.  At Sculpt Away body shaping + beauty lounge, we lead the way in body shaping beauty treatments in San Antonio.  To learn more about your body sculpting options, contact us at 210-227-3051 or visit

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