Do These 5 Things to Lose Belly Fat

“I have this belly fat.” “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked.” “I don’t want to have surgery.” “How do I get rid of this belly fat?”

This line of conversation takes place so many times a day at Sculpt Away. It’s heartbreaking! That’s because roughly half or more of the US female population reports a widening waist and an expanding midsection. The problem gets worse as we age. Many women write it off as the price of getting older. But you don’t have to live with it…at any age!

The Post-Menopausal Belly Fat Curse
We don’t have to be post-menopausal to fight belly fat but menopause makes it harder to defeat. Here’s why. Women lose lean muscle mass as they age. Reduced lean muscle means burning fewer calories. Women also contend with the decrease in estrogen after menopause. Estrogen plays a major role in fat distribution. As estrogen declines, fat stores shift from the hips and buttocks to the abdomen.

Forever stuck with a Muffin Top?
If you’ve tried to lose your belly fat and failed, it’s because you’re using the wrong approach. You can’t trim your abs with endless crunches or by starving yourself.

Do these 5 things for a quick and easy way to lose belly fat.

1. Sculpsure® – #1 Way to Beat Stubborn Belly Fat
When it comes to stubborn belly fat, it’s hard to beat both genetics and age. You need some help. A Sculpsure® treatment is the help you need. Sculpsure® destroys up to 24% of the unwanted fat in the treated area in just one 25-minute treatment. It’s targeted fat loss, like removing fat without surgery.

2. Eat More
Starving yourself is the #1 nutritional mistake. Your body needs healthy nutrition for 3 reasons.

To Maintain Muscle – when you starve yourself, your body breaks down muscle for energy. You keep the fat and lose the muscle.
To Have Energy – food equals energy. With too little food, you lose energy in all areas of your life.
To Lose Fat – eating the right foods can lead to fat loss.

3. Eat Healthy
Avoid junk food to lessen belly fat. Refrain from eating processed foods and try to whole, naked foods.

4. Get Stronger
Incorporate strength training. Strength training prevents muscle loss, builds muscle mass and speeds up fat loss.

5. Limit Alcohol
What you drink is as important as what you eat when it comes to belly fat. Avoid beer and sweet liquors. You may consume alcohol about 10% of the time, for example on Friday and Saturday – but limit the amount. Go easy on your liver. The liver works to clear alcohol toxins from your body. Your liver also works to clear fats from your body.

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