The Shocking Truth about Yo Yo Dieting

Up and down and up and down and up and down. Feeling dizzy? That’s how your body feels when you engage in Yo Yo Dieting.

Do you see yourself on this merry-go-round? You signed up for Weight Watchers® in 2016, followed the trendy Paleo Diet in 2017 and gave Atkins® a try this year. Each time you lost some weight only to gain it back. You are not alone. Research shows that after one year, 2 in 3 dieters have gained it all back.

Yo Yo Dieting – What is it?

Yo Yo Dieting or the Yo Yo Effect, also known as Weight Cycling, describes the repeated loss and gain of body weight. A weight cycle can range from a small amount (5-10 pounds) to large amounts (40-50 pounds or more). Large or small, the Yo Yo Effect can actually make it harder for you to lose weight and bring surprisingly bad consequences.

After cycles of yo yo dieting, you may weigh more than when you started. Here’s why.

Your fat cells make a hormone called leptin. You lose weight, you have less fat. Less fat means less leptin. Less leptin makes your brain tell you you’re hungry. Compound that with your lighter body weight. Because you weight less, your body requires fewer calories. So you’re left with a bigger appetite, but you’re burning fewer calories.

After cycles of yo yo dieting, you add more fat and lose more muscle.

Here’s why.

When you lose weight, you lose both fat and muscle. When you gain weight back, you primarily put on fat, rather than muscle. Each time you lose, then gain, you can add more fat and decrease more muscle.

After cycles of yo yo dieting, you can put on additional belly fat.

Here’s why.

It stresses you out to gain weight! This raises the level of cortisol, your stress hormone. High cortisol, by itself, adds fat around your midsection.

After cycles of yo yo dieting, you are more likely to become overweight.

Here’s why.

Imagine the feeling. You lost the weight and no longer have to diet. Now you can eat all those yummy things you’ve been missing. It’s perfectly natural to want to let loose and enjoy eating again. That’s why you are more likely to binge eat and become overweight.

Stop the cycles of yo yo dieting with fat-fighting weapons.

Here’s how.

You need a plan, the right strategy, the best support team and all available fat-fighting weapons.

In addition to Sculpt Away’s Fat Burning Diet Program™, consider prescription appetite suppressants and lipotropic (fat-burning) agents to assist in appetite control (RX) and to speed up metabolism (lipotropics);

To lose weight faster and keep it off, consider adding a 30-minute session of the InfraRed Sauna, proven to burn up to 600 calories per session;

Or spend just 10 minutes on the Vibe-Away™ (equivalent to a 30-minute cardio workout); and

Include the ultimate motivation to lose the weight for good. Just one Sculpsure® treatment at Sculpt Away eliminates up to 24% of the fat in the area permanently. Fat loss for good. No surgery. No downtime.

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