Is Cellulite Curable?

Spring time. ? Time to shed those winter pants for more revealing warm weather clothes.  

Time to face the mirror… and the cellulite.


What causes the lumpy, dimply phenomenon we call cellulite?  

And what can you do about it?


What causes Cellulite?

You may be blaming fat, but fat alone, does not cause cellulite.  In fact, one factor alone, does not cause cellulite.

It takes the following four conditions to create cellulite.

  1. The skin (epidermis and dermis) has become malnourished and/or damaged;
  2. Small bands of fibrous tissue (collagen) have become damaged, hard and rigid;
  3. Circulation has slowed down; and
  4. Fat cells have began absorbing excess fluids and enlarging.


How Cellulite Develops

  • Small connective fibrous bands run perpendicular to the top layers of your skin.  
  • Subcutaneous fat cells lie in between these fibrous bands.  
  • The fibrous bands run from your skin deeper into your body and connect the skin to deeper tissue.  
  • As your skin becomes malnourished or damaged and cannot withstand the pull each of the fibrous bands without dimpling (and the fibrous bands become more rigid and do not give way), the ‘valley’ of each dimple is created.  
  • Things worsen as excess fluids collect within the subcutaneous fat cells (from the slowing of circulation) creating swelling and enlargement of the fat cells, and creating the ‘peak’ of each dimple.   


More Women than Men

Most medical experts agree that cellulite affects at least 80-90% of all females, but only 10% of men.  Men suffer less frequently from cellulite for two reasons: (1) their fibrous bands criss cross which prevents the dimpling caused by the pulling caused by the perpendicular fibrous bands of women; and (2) men have more testosterone, which breaks down fat.  


Because of the estrogen influence on cellulite, females can (and often do) develop cellulite as soon as they hit puberty.  Likewise, the classic cellulite condition decreases after menopause (but linear cellulite peaks). Linear cellulite is topic for another day.  


Diet plays a big role in Cellulite

Consuming a diet with all the nutrients needed to fight cellulite can be a daunting task.  A lack of these key nutrients can lead to the development and worsening of cellulite.


Want to know what to eat and what not to eat?  

Get your copy of The Cellulite Diet at Sculpt Away.  


Since it’s near impossible to meet these requirements, at a minimum, we recommend supplementing with

  • Lecithin
  • Fatty Acids DHA and EPA
  • Anti-inflammatories such as GLA, ALA and CLA
  • Amino Acids
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin A, C and E    


We made it easy for you to get these essential nutrients.  We developed our Nutraceutical Daily Pack to fight cellulite.  Each daily pack contains the nutrients you need to prevent and reverse cellulite.  


Do creams really work?

Always remember that, when treating or preventing cellulite, you must address all four cellulite causative problems:  

  • reduce skin damage or improve skin malnourishment
  • improve the elasticity of the fibrous bands
  • reduce the fat
  • eliminate the excess fluids and toxins with improved circulation.


Most creams do not address these four causations.  Sculpt Away products do.


Sculpt Away Cellulite Products


Consider these Sculpt Away products which we developed to address the problems associated with cellulite.  These products address the four causative problems of the cellulite condition.


Lipo-Sculpt Slimming Gel* is scientifically formulated with active ingredients to eliminate fatty deposits, contour and firm.  

*Increases circulation to fight excess fluids and toxins, reduces fat and nourishes the skin.


Cellu-C Cup* is a quick, effective do-it-yourself holistic therapy to reduce fat and smooth cellulite.

*Improves elasticity of fibrous bands, reduces fat and eliminates excess fluids and toxins with increased circulation.


Cellu-Sculpt firm + repair* is a powerful firming, smoothing lotion designed to correct and prevent cellulite.

*Provides essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin, reduces fat and super hydrates.


Crepe Away* provides intense hydration, firms and smoothes the skin, promotes healthy collagen and is the best single weapon for crepey skin.

*Nourishes and repairs damaged skin.


What about TREATMENTS?

First, be aware that cellulite is not curable, but we can reduce its appearance remarkably with our Sculpt Away products and treatments.  


Sculpt Away Cellulite Treatments


Cellu-Light Sculpt™

A two-step treatment.

  1. Utilizes a targeted Vacuum Therapy™ session to break down the fat, increase circulation to eliminate excess fluids and toxins and firm and tone the skin.  The negative pressure + cupping effect leaves the targeted area visibly firmer and smoother.
  2. Employs an LED (low level laser) to provide healing energy to your damaged cells to reverse the damage.  Reduces fat deposits, fluids, toxins and smooths and firms skin cells.


Cellu-Sculpt RF™

Stimulates collagen production, reduces fat and tightens skin through the use of radiofrequency energy. This technology stimulates circulation via heat which leads to assistance with fluid and toxin elimination.



Uses radiofrequency energy with massage to reduce fat deposits, increase collagen production and firm skin.  Recommended for small areas of cellulite.



When larger pockets of fat contribute to the cellulite condition, a SculpSure treatment may be recommended to reduce the fat.  Combine the treatment with home care to include cupping with the Cellu-C Cup and Sculpt Away products found in the Cellu-Sculpt Kit™.  


Cellu-Sculpt Kit™

We recommend the Cellu-Sculpt Kit™ to any and every patient with excess fat or cellulite.  The kit contains all the fat and cellulite fighting products mentioned in the previous section and is the perfect year round cellulite and fat fighting weapon.


Cellulite Strategies  

To answer the question posed by our title, NO, we cannot cure cellulite, at least not with current medical technology.  But the good news is you’ve learned about the many options and strategies to use to reduce the appearance of cellulite dramatically.  


If you would like more information about cellulite treatments and products to combat cellulite, contact the body shaping experts at Sculpt Away in San Antonio at 210-227-3051 or visit  

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